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Stuck after Completing High Noon


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I completed the Free Fall mission and it said "*If you've completed the mission 'Misappropriation', you will now recieve a phonecall from Officer Tenpenny. He wants to meet someplace quiet so that you can hand over the dossier. Meet C.R.A.S.H in Las Brujas (near the devil's castle) in the desert." I followed this instruction and went to the desert to do the High Noon mission. After the second try I killed Pulaski and the cut scene ended with me stomping his face.


After I completed that mission I have no idea where I'm suppose to go. It looks like I skipped the last Las Venturas missions because I went straight to completing High Noon. The walkthrough says after completing High Noon that I go back to Los Santos but when I do nothing happens. I don't see anything on the map that indicates a new mission. My only guess is whether I need to complete every mission in order to continue. I still have a Zero mission left in San Fierro that was too hard for me to complete and I have the Toreno N.O.E mission left at the Air Yard. Can someone please help me out? Thanks in advance.

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You need to complete N.O.E. and the remainder of the airstrip missions to continue.

Of those only N.O.E. requires flying.


Zero's missions isn't required for the storyline.

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I had a feeling I needed to complete the air strip missions. Thanks for your help and the quick response! colgate.gif

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