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A few years ago, while studying physics at high school, i came across a rather cool little java applet. It simulated gravity, collisions and other physics between balls. You could change the vertical gravity and play around with projectile motion, set the gravity between balls and simulate planets, or a bit of both! It was very versatile. But then i lost the website and have been looking for it since. Then a few weeks ago i was playing around with those falling sand games (Pyro Sand Game and Powder Game) and decided to search for it again. What do you know, i found it smile.gif. The game was open source Java, so i started work on improving it. (Since high school i have learned programming and Java was the first language i learned). I made it so much better biggrin.gif Below is a screenshot and a link to download. Unzip and double-click the jar file (Impact.jar) to start it. Check it out! Read the readme for instructions.

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Download: Impact! v3.3

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Any comments? I have already updated to v3.2 and i still have lots more ideas. I am going to implement cut/copy/paste next.

I see two people have downloaded it, what do you think?

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