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change face textures characters in game


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can sum1 plz tell me wot program i need to create face textures for san andreas. Iknow howw to do the clothes in the game but i want to know how to change the player face

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1. Open the player.img in the models folder with an IMG tool.

2. Extract the player face txd file you want to edit (every haircut has it's own face)

3. If you aren't using txdworkshop, then open the txd file with a TXD tool and

extract the texture you want to edit

4. Edit your player face texture with an image editing program, GIMP, photoshop etc.

5. Replace the texture of the player face in the txd with the one you edited

6. If you aren't using txdworkshop, then replace the txd file in the player.img


Hope you understood that, try google for "IMGTool", or "txdworkshop" and dowload. turn.gif

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