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Euphoria at work...


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What i found at the previews:


Team Xbox:


"The underlying AI technology is powerful, but instead of guiding the non-player character’s directional skills in navigating the terrain, euphoria is behavioral AI that gets an NPC to react to the world spontaneously. For example, in one situation, Tom ended up in a hand-to-hand fight with a loan shark named Dardan (more on the melee system in a sec). After giving Dardan a good pop on the schnozz, the bad guy stumbled backwards and his momentum took him through a big window (which was accompanied by our Rockstar host exclaiming, “Wow, he went out the window!” a welcome indication that it’s a rare, unscripted occurrence). After careening through the window, he landed on a lower, sloped roof, rolled down toward the edge and started falling off." icon14.gif


"We also heard a story from another editor’s playthrough where Niko and a passenger were in a car, when the editor happened to overturn the vehicle, causing it to skid up onto a sidewalk. In reaction to the crash, a lady bystander started cursing out the two men as they got out of the car, at which point the passenger drew a weapon and gunned the lady down—to the genuine surprise of all those viewing the gameplay. Yes, more of euphoria at work. ..."


These were one of the positive things that i found on these previews ph34r.gificon14.giflol.gifsuicidal.gif

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