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I have Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PC. It worked fine on my machine up until I tried installing a weather mod one day. I have 1.00 so I can mod the game. Once I started messing around with the particle.txd file and did what the dude said, my game crashes now every time I try to start a new game or load my game. And I've uninstalled and reinstalled San Andreas twice and it still does this. Any help?

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Do this :


1. Un-install the game

2. Delete C:\ Program Files \ Rockstar Games \ GTA San Andreas manually

3. Delete My Documents \ GTA San Andreas User Files \ gta_sa.set

4. Install the game

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In the future, just delete the .SET after you have replaced whatever you have changed back to the unchanged files.


Uninstalling is not necessary unless you didn't make a back up (in this case, a safe copy of particle.txd)


Most likely, you changed an alpha bearing texture and didn't do it correctly You gave it a flat image, and

the game is expecting your image + a matching alpha mask.


Hope this helps, in the future, I can help you better in GTAModding section here > Editing Discussion > Troubleshooting,

as this is really modding related anyway, and you'll get much faster responses.

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