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Civilian Zombies


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I am brand new to GTA SA modding. I know you can change models and animations, but let me just give a description of what I want to make and perhaps someone can simply tell me whether it's polssible and how it's done.


Citizens that are zombies that come after you and attack you on sight. They Would try to grab you and bite you much like it Resident Evil, thus triggering some animation sequences.


Thanks for the help!

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I appreciate the info. Now are GTA Vice City and GTA SA equally modifyable? I ask because I'm having some problems running SA, but Vice City works just fine.


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GTA: San Andreas is fully modable. Check which version you have. If you just bought it from the shops then it's most likely 0.2 (I think) You can download a 3rd party patch with a simple search on google.

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