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Monday, 25 February, 2008 – Planet Grand Theft Auto News

Rockstar Going PS3 Exclusive After IV? [ 26 Comments ]

6:41 PST | Adriaan | Print News | Category: Rockstar Games


Jordan and I here at Planet GTA are always out to getting you the full story when it comes to rumors, or even when major gaming websites misinterpret things - as our long time readers would know.


The latest is that apparently Rockstar Games will exclusively cross over to PlayStation 3 development after the release of GTA IV, well, at least for the GTA titles. After backtracking about three sources (and having to rewrite this article after Firefox crashed!), I ended up at a forum topic over at Cheap Ass Gamer, where a 4-year-long member posted a quote from the February issue of Play magazine:

"The game [GTA IV] is both PS3 and 360, but Rockstar has suggested that all further game development is going to be PS3 exclusive."

While the PlayStation 3 install base has stepped out of a poor figure, and still growing, that of the Xbox 360 is even bigger - and still growing strong. GTA IV is proving that a big game, with a big story, and probably the best detailed city in a game ever, can fit onto the limited amount of disk space offered - of course compared to that of the PS3.


I don't see why they would just suddenly want stop with a 360 version of the series, especially given the PS3 somewhat contributed to the delay of GTA IV, in addition to the fact that it almost looks like they support the 360 MORE than they do PlayStation 3 (exclusive episodic content for 360 ONLY). Rockstar Games are not flip floppers. Leave that to politicians.


Incidentally, for your interest, Rockstar Games is developing a new franchise that is exclusive to the PlayStation 3, reason given that the system allows for a game that could not be achieved otherwise on the 360.


It's also worth noting that only a few weeks ago there were talks over Rockstar's contract with Take-Two expiring in 2009, and that negotiations are still going on. It's a possibility that, just like Halo maker Bungie, Rockstar can pull out from their parent company and go independent. That would come at a price, as Take-Two owns the GTA brand. It might be the end of GTA as we know it, and a new franchise is started independently by Rockstar. You're probably going "d'oh, Adriaan!" right now...


Jordan's Thoughts: GTA will not "end" anytime soon. That's my take on this.


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