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EA Offers $2 Billion to Buy GTA IV


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sorry, the stupid thing in the article said "GTA IV, Bioshock" can come mod please change it to Take Two?


Electronic Arts has offered $2 billion cash to purchase Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of GTA IV, the Civilization franchise and the inevitable BioShock 2.

According to Bloomberg News, Electronic Arts took its $26-per-share offer to Take-Two's investors after Take-Two's board rejected the offer on February 22. EA apparently made its offer on February 15, making the offer 64 percent higher than Take-Two's closing stock price on that day.


EA's offer to purchase Take-Two is timed impeccably well, with Rockstar set to release Grand Theft Auto IV on April 29 for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. Take-Two is the publisher of all Rockstar games. Although GTA IV is destined to make money hand over fist, however, Take-Two hasn't reported an annual profit since 2005, according to the Bloomberg report.



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