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Why was C.ompton banned


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Ok this is not one of those things where i am the member who got banned and am asking why


I am sure you all know i am not C.ompton


why was he banned i don't recall him doing anything wrong. He was always cool and made meaningful posts. or did he just change accounts


Lock of you wish, i was just wandering

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Because he broke the rules somehow.



In that, we don't know. Look at him now though. The whole IV Forums are going crazy. He doesn't deserve to be back.

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Yeah, C.ompton and some other retards have their own version of GTAForums and I was reading over there that they were spamming up this forum (GTAForums).


As for as his banning, like Berkley said, check his posts - they weren't meaningful; in fact, they were pretty much the complete opposite of that.


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Probably had something to do with him being a Sony fanboy douche and always flamebaiting in the IVum, or Gaming Chat for that matter.


(gotta say thanks to Andy for that one)

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He crossed the line too many times and this was the final post that did him in:



well I agree this forum is not organized. People are from other countries which I don't like  biggrin.giftounge2.gif no racist but they have different opinions. for example canadians, lol


That post along with a slew of warnings for trolling/flaming/spamming is what led to the decision.


No one cares. End of story.


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