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New Zealand article about GTA IV


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Good article. I kinda miss New Zealand. Thanks though. One of those screenshots with Niko holding a rifle looks pretty new to me.

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The theft was easily accomplished by smashing the passenger window and hotwiring the cruiser. The hotwiring sequence was extremely quick - Rockstar said that various cars will take different lengths of time to hotwire, however it isn't a skill as such, it's a button mechanic: the faster you pull the right trigger, the quicker you’ll hotwire the car, so it will take a degree of practise.

Wow first proper, in depth info on the hotwiring. Just what I was craving for! All seems good to me!



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F*cking sick as hotwiring info. Read the whole thing, and they seem to describe and connotate better on a presentation than other magazines do with a hands on.


I found it really interesting, even though it was 5 pages. Unlike any other magazine presents new information.


Thanks for that mate! icon14.gif


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