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Want to mod EAZY E skin Mod


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I downloaded this skins mod its called Eazy E mod. It comes with some gangster clothes but the problem is that you cannot get stared if you do anything bad like kill a cop or do anything that usually causes you to get stared. My health is infinite and the time is frozen. Things I really want to change back to normal. Is there a way I can do this or should I just get a new mod with gangster clothes( And by gangster clothes i mean clothes that go down close 2 ur knees)


If so could you send me the link to a skin mod with gangster clothes Thanks



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The only way you can bring your game back to normal, if you don't have backups, is to reinstall.

And don't forget to delete the set file from the User Files folder.

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Modding questions belong in the modding forums!


Moved from SA Troubleshooting to Editing Troubleshooting.

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