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Niko's Past


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I actually had a dream involving this (yeah I have dreams about grand theft auto.... don't hate). I was playing GTA4 and I guess I found out who the 'special someone' is. It honestly made some sense, not to say it was true, but i felt it was worth mentioning. In my dream Niko had been in a KGB type group in the old country, presumably somewhere in the Balkans/former Yugoslavia. He had done a lot of dirty work to get ahead because he had a wife and children he needed to provide for (Niko is probably the oldest GTA protagonist there has been... so not to far off). Well at some point something went wrong. He screwed something up and the organization he worked for sent a death squad in to kill him and his family... only Niko managed to escape. And the Special Someone is whoever ordered the hit or betrayed Niko or how ever you want to put it.


More and more of the previews have been hinting at Niko having some kind of black ops or advanced military training, so I think it could be close to the truth. Anyways, what theories do the rest of you have on the subject?

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I was thinking along similar lines.


As Niko said in the first trailer he's been involved with major criminal activity in his 'old country'...so what I was thinking was Niko was a member of a major criminal organization...possibly part of the black market in a Communist Bloc country.


The 'special someone' betrayed the group...maybe to the government maybe to a rival group....and organized a hit to kill them all off leaving Niko as one of the few (maybe only) survivor. This might be another reason Niko moved to the US...here things would be different.


Then perhaps later in the game Niko discovers that the 'special someone' has come to the US as well....either after Niko (so you have to kill him) or just to come to the land of opportunity as well (where Niko will take his revenge and kill him).


Just my thoughts. turn.gif

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