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Driving School


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So, I've hit the driving school and after reading many walkthroughs and guides on how to do all of the tests I still cannot manage to do even the first one, "the 360".


I've read to hit W & S and either A or D and hold all 3 at the same time? But the car barely moves, what am I doing wrong? confused.gif


Oh, and my keyboard doesn't like the 3 keys being pressed at once, it beeps at me the entire time.


I remember when I did this on PS2 a while back I had the same problem, but now I can't figure it out sad.gif



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I don't play on PC, but I remember a similar topic where someone said you have to set the computer to use more than 3 keys at once.

Other than that, I can't help you much more.

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from memory you have to change the control settings, so that the 'steer with mouse' is on, thereby elimanting the pressing of 3 keys.

hope this helps icon14.gif

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Hold W and S at same time plus either the < button or > button. which moves you to the side you choose. But if you don't hold W and S at same time it will fail.

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Press accelerate & brake simultaneously, at that point the car’s rear tires will spin but the car itself won’t move; then press right turn or left turn while the tires are spinning, the car will then start to make a donut.


Here’s a video I made demonstrating how to do it:


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