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Well that would be awesome if you could own a Baseball team or a Football team. Every week or so you could go and watch them play real time. That wouldn't be that hard to pull off would it? They could randomize the game so the same person doesn't win every time. You could spend money on team uniforms and stuff...and you could even go out there and kill the opposing team if you wanted to (of course cops would be after you). I thought that would be a blast...going to go watch a baseball game real-time in Gta 4 lol

That would be cool but I doubt enough people are willing to sit through a real time full length baseball or football game to make it worth the time to program that into the game but owning the team and upgrading the team with better uniforms and training equipment sounds like fun.

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maybe you will have to pay money for respect say like ROman needs to borrow 35,000 for his cab buisness theres an idea

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I'd like to be able to buy a HUGE cruise ship, something like the Colonel had in VC, but like 2x bigger with interiors, a save point and such other things. Owning a sports team would be pretty cool too, so you could build a new stadium, make new uniforms, bribe the refs and something like that.

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Child support I do a lot of stuff in my free time and children just seem to be the after effect. I don't know if its rags to better rags does any one think R* made it so you work and get so far up, and then you start a mission and you die in a wacked out cut seen and then you wake up and everything is gone and you can't go back and buy your stuff back I think that would be wack or you to a mental hostipial. Ok what I would buy is a boat house or a little boat that you could sleep in and then park it with a couple of my fav weapons and live my days out there. hijack boats that come near and steal their money and food and woman thats hot.

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