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  • 3 years later...

LOL, I just checked and I don't have v0.2 on my hard drives anymore for whatever reason. Now I do have the source code to be sure but if anyone who has the v0.2 still, I'd like to be sent the original .zip for file comparison and so that I have the current readme too.


I can put in the source code in a re-upload too but it's a complete mess. suicidal.gif



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Thanks. I have localized the problem, it lies in the model not using the standard tex1 coordinates but tex2, which the converter is not prepared for. I'll have to figure out the semantics of that data.




So you have figured out what the Problem is, does that mean you can fix it, also will you try and repair the Memory leak that was in 0.1 and perhaps 0.2?


Also I have set up a Download link for the real 0.2, just incase the link above dies.



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If I have the time. Right now I am in the middle of exams.


I should add that I have been testing my dffxbox2pc only on GTA III XBox models. If any VC XBox model works for you, it's great but it's only so by coincidence. That said, does anybody have any information on the .dff format that VC XBox uses - because the Geometry section is different; among other things it uses tex2 coordinates and the Material section comes before the geometry data (faces, vertex ps, etc) comes in its own section.




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If you need some VC Models I have the Disc for VC Xbox so I can send you whatever I need, it seems that only Vehicles work perfectly from VC.


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Right now I don't have time for it anyway but in 2 weeks I guess I do. Updated the first post with a link to the tool's GTA Garage page, as well as your homepage.



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Anyway has anyone tested the tool as is on Xbox VC .dffs and .txds of different kinds? World geometry, cars, actors? Which models are actually improvements on their PC counter-parts? Player models, I would assume? No sense decoding a format that doesn't bring any improvements.



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