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The Chain Story


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1000+ posts! Yeah!


A huge gang war erupts, but Sweet's men are being depleted really fast. Sweet is shot in the ear with a .22 and CJ is on the other side of the block. The cops have set up roadblocks and the body count is rising fast. The shootout is a lot like the one in the movie Heat. CJ

1 With his ever faithful AK-47, wipes out all the Ballas between him and Sweet

2 Kills a sniper with a Barret M107. C'mon! Choose it already!

3 Orders a homie to knock out Sweet to slow the blood flow

Kills a sniper with a Barret M107.

'BAM! BAM!' CJ shouts, imitating the gun.

The sniper flops onto the ground, blood pouring from his head.

'Owwww!', moans Sweet.

'sh*t! Bro, you a'ight?'

'Yeah, I feel like Mike Tyson just bit my ear off, man.' Sweet laughs.

As CJ tends to Sweet, a stray bullet flies straight past them and hits the tank on Sweet's Greenwood, thus causing a massive explosion. Soon after the blast, ambulances and fire engines race to the scene.



1. CJ and Sweet are badly injured and wake up in hospital.

2. A plane crashes into OG Loc's house and destroys it, making situations worse.

3. CJ and Sweet are fine and head inside for some rest.

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Then all of a sudden Mike Toreno randomly shows up and kills both CJ and Sweet, T-Bags them, and fly's away in a jetpack for some hot coffee.

What the F*ck?!? is this sh*t?!


Get out if your not gonna be serious



CJ and Sweet wake up in hospital. 3 weeks past till they get better.



1. Get revenge

2. Load up with guns 1st but encounter.......


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2. Load up on weapons but enounter claude speed. Claude hits them in the head with a 4 by 4 then walks off. Then they

1.Continue what they where doing

2.Kill him

3.Attempt to kill mike toreno, but,

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Alright, I've finally managed to apologise and admit you're right. I was tired and when I'm tired I'm either a zombie, p!ssed or normal. I'm afraid it was a case of the second scenario occurring.

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My topic is going to sh*ts and same with my Vice City one.

Ok I'm taking control.


Read the 1st page rules and let's start again!

ok iamanevilbastard I'm sure you wern't spamming sh*t like Dragonex100 and other people before I got active again.


Should I restart this topic or continue from...


CJ got up from his house in Grove Street and decides to go to...


1. To go to Sweet's house

2. To go to Ceaser's house

3. Take a plane to San Fierro and check on the Doherty Garage

4. Take a plane to Las Venturas and check The Red Dragon Casino

5. Take a road trip to Truth's farm

Edited by Benjimino234
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Just begin another topic, Ben.

Nametaken is obviously not moderating this one like he should be.

Start another one so you can regain control of your original topic and have the first post with the rules and such icon14.gif


I'll help you get it started and going if i can be bothered.

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Take a road trip to Truth's farm... in the way they get intercepted by group of ballas.He gets big hits.



1. he getts killed and regenerates at the hospital.


2. he manages to kill all ballas.


3. he seems his last minute of life coming when suddenly Truth jumps out with rocket launcher, kills ballas and greets CJ.


4. he seems his last minute of life coming when suddenly Truth jumps out with rocket launcher, kills ballas and gives CJ a new mission.

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Ok I messaged Nametaken and asked him for the front page codes.


You know for those tables, they are a b*tch to write.


OKAY! New CHAIN STORY is on the way!




THE CHAIN STORY, Vr. 3 (by Benjimino234)

Edited by lil weasel
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