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The Chain Story


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CJ. They go over to his house with back-up and surround his house. When CJ comes outside of his house to do his daily run, the Ballas attack. CJ jumps behind cover and takes out his AK. He returns fire, but there's way too many. He sees some GSF homies nearby, getting high. Why tha f*ck ain't they helpin' me? Thinks CJ. He targets them and recruits them. They come to his rescue, but die easily. When all hope was about to be lost...


1. Sweet arrives with high-ranking GSF homies.

2. Cesar arrives with Azteca back-up.

3. Woozie arrives with Triad back-up.

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Sweet arrives with high-ranking GSF homies.

The all successfully kill the Ballas. Sweet assists CJ on his daily run.

On the way


1. They stop at 24/7 ad get some cookies cookie.gif

2. They get attack by more Ballas.

3. They get hit by a Russian car.

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They stop off at the 24/7 in Idlewood and pick up some cookies for themselves. After picking up 3 packets of chocolate-chip cookies, which they eat in the car, CJ and Sweet go to their first destination: Roboi's food mart in Commerce. While Sweet is idling away in the car, CJ walks inside, picks up $2,000, and walks back outside. They then head off to...


• Wang Cars in Downtown San Fierro.

• Zero's RC Shop in Garcia.

• Verdant Meadows air-strip.

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Wang Cars in Downtown San Fierro.

When they arrive, they find it's being robbed by some outsider gang, that call themselves 'The Outsiders'

Some outsiders are driving away the cars, while others are getting the money. The leader is leaning back on the wall taking a smoke.

CJ asks their leader who they are.

"We are 'The Outsiders' we are a small group, which lightly formed from an attack from the Russians. We saw a green shirted-man like you 2, but he was wearing glasses, and had deeper skin."


"RYDER!" CJ yells out.

"Look dude, if you team up with us, together me, you and our gang can take them motherf*ckers down. Us, together with Triads, Aztecas, and the GSF."


The Outsiders accept.

CJ and Sweet


1. Take their new friends and introduce them to the others..

2. Give them some left over cookies.

3. Go to the garage with the Outsiders.

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CJ and Sweet give the Outsiders some leftover cookies. "Nah man, I'm allergic to milk, sorry," said the leader, however some of the other gang members took some cookies each.


• The Ballas came with some more cookies, laughing about CJ's prank.

• The Triads came with some milk.

• Some Russians came to apologise to the Outsiders.

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(May i ask when this is set?

Before the game when assets weren't aquired, or after when Ryder is dead?)


Some Triads arrive with some milk. As they are all about to indulge in the final cookies, the Outsiders spring AK's on the Triads and CJ's gang. Holding an AK firmly to one of the Triads head, a Pony turns up loaded with Russians.


They then:

1. See that everything is under control and drive off to Grove St.

2. Get out and shake hands with their newly aquired allies, the Outsiders.

3. Double-cross the Outsiders, and again turn guns on them, which in turn sets up a tree-way gang war; CJ's gang v Outsiders v Russians.

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They double cross the Outsiders, setting a three way gang war, however the leader of the Outsiders say that the turn-around was a joke, which means it's everyone against the Russians. A firefight starts, and the Russians end up receding back to Los Santos.


• They all then clean the place up.

• They go after those communist douchebags.

• They say f*ck it, and go their own ways.


!!GC!!: It's before, I think. But then anything could be bought.

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They go after those communist douchebags. CJ learns from Cesar that Russians are taking over Los Santos and have blocked off all entries. "So, be careful, man," says Cesar. "Aiight," replies CJ. "Thanks fo' tha heads-up." He hangs up and turns to his men. "Aiight, this is the deal," he explains. "We all gon' split up and enter Los Santos. We gon' take the Ruskie sh*theads by surprise." His men all cheer. CJ...


1. Goes by helicopter, closely followed by the GSF.

2. Makes the Triads and Outsiders do all the work.

3. Goes by tank, followed by GSF in armoured vehicles.

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Goes by helicopter, closely followed by the GSF. He flies his Hunter over the Atrium and fires a few hundred chaingun rounds into the place and repeats with Grey Imports. The Triads, GSF, Aztecas and Outsiders kill all tyhe survivors. At the end of the day, two hundred Russians are dead, but sixty civilians and GSF are also dead. Ryder turns up at CJs house in Ganton that night and

1 Plants a bomb in his TV and walks out

2 Shoots the place up with his M4

3 Steals all his food and TV and sells it to buy heroin

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Steals all his food and TV and sells it to buy heroin. When CJ wakes up, he finds no food and his TV missing. "That f*cker!" He yells. "He BnE'd my house! He'll pay. He ain't gettin' in ma house, again." He hires some GSF homies and arms them with MP5s and puts them in front of his house so that they could guard it. CJ goes out for his morning run. By the time he gets back, the GSF are still there. He enters his house and sees that someone has messed up his house. "Whhat the f*ck!?!" He yells. He runs outside and sees the GSF homies running away. It turns out that they were Ballas disguised as GSF! What happens next?


1. A Balla ambush occurs when they try to destroy Grove Street.

2. CJ's house is bombed but CJ doesn't die.

3. Ryder shows up with an RPG.

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I have a suggestion; perhaps maybe we should remove the option of giving options, if that makes sense, so the next writer is free to write anything he wants, as long as it follows up from the last sentence. It allows greater freedom from the writer, but extra scrutiny from the xNamexTakenx. Just a suggestion, might free this place up.

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It seems like a good idea. But, I like the original idea of the Chain Story better. Maybe we can have a vote best out of 7. Who's for Stefan.'s idea and who's against?

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So, I guess it's 2-1 so far to keep it the same. It's not a big deal or anything, I was just suggesting. colgate.gif


Don't forget that we can still continue the story. tounge.gif

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I like how it works at the moment.


Back to the story colgate.gif


A Balla ambush occurs when they try to destroy Grove Street. CJ is surrounded by close to twenty Ballas and there is no sign of any GSF homies around. Shots sound out leaving holes in the door to the Johnson house, CJ takes cover and when the Ballas are reloading he takes the opportunity to fire off a couple of rounds. Two Ballas go down, the other bullets pouring into the Majestics they are using for cover. CJ is hit in the shoulder and things look grim until...


1. Toreno flies in with a Hydra and orders the ballas to stand down


2. Woozie and some Mountain Cloud Boys show up with AKs


3. The Truth appears and smashes a vial of Green Goo on the road

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Woozie and the mountain Cloud boys roll up behind the ballas and fill them with so much lead. CJ gets up and jets for Woozie but some Balla's shoot him again. CJ falls to the ground and Woozie and his men continue to pick off Balla's. CJ is in a world of hurt when...


1. The mountain cloud boys shove CJ into their car


2. The Ballas take CJ


3. The police come and crash the party

Edited by Koik
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So, its 3-1 for keeping it the way it is.


OT: The mountain cloud boys shove CJ into their car. Woozie's boys drive off. "No," says CJ, groggily. "We need to take on tha Ballas." Woozie hushes CJ. "You got the stuff?" Woozie asks one of his Mountain Cloud Boys. He nods and hands Woozie and syringe. CJ is about to fade out when Woozie injects him with the "stuff." A few hours later, CJ wakes up and he's suddenly really hyper. He finds himself in the safety of a Mountain Cloud Boys safehouse. He walks up to Woozie and...


1. Gives him hell for injecting him with drugs.

2. Thanks him for saving his life.

3. Tells him he'll be leaving now.

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CJ thanks Woozie for saving his life, and leaves. He drives back to Grove Street to find that the GSF have exapanded by taking over nearby Willowfield from the Ballas. It seems as if some reinforcements from Temple and Playa Del Seville came to help out the GSF in taking down the Ballas. CJ decides to capitalise on the high morale by trying to take over East Beach from the Vagos.


• CJ recruits 5 GSF homies, all carrying Tec-9s.

• CJ stocks up at AmmuNation, before taking on the Vagos himself.

• CJ decides to wait it out, so he goes to play a game of pool at the Ten Green Bottles.

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CJ recruits 5 GSF homies, all carrying Tec-9s. Since CJ has collected all 100 tags, his back-up have advanced weapons and better accuracy. Thanks to them, CJ takes over a bit of East Beach, even though he did most of the work. Only one GSF homie died. CJ goes home to save the game and to rest. When he wakes up, the Vagos are trying to retaliate by attacking GSF 'hood. CJ gets strapped with his MP5 and heads over to his 'hood. He sees the GSF being massacred. He does a drive-by on the Vagos, but their weapons make his car catch on fire. CJ...


1. Gets out and the remaining Vagos die from the explosion.

2. Dies in the explosion and loses the 'hood to the Vagos.

3. Gets away from the explosion but must face the Vagos on foot now.

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CJ escapes and must take on the Vagos alone. He takes cover behind a car and takes a shotgun off a corpse and blows away the nearest Vagos and fires at another Vagos....click....."Sh!t, no ammo!" He yells. He only has a clip for his Desert Eagle. Sweet arrives from a strip joint with his AK-47 and kills two Vagos. The rest run like hell. CJ and Sweet then

1 Take some GSF homies to Vagos turf and start a gang war

2 Do a drive-by on some Vagos

3 Go for beers to celebrate

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Go to Ten Green Bottles and buy some beers to celebrate. When they leave the alcohol and marijuana smoke that was in the air of the bar has affected their minds, so when they try to drive towards the Johnson house in Ganton they get turned around and keep driving until they somehow end up in Glen Park. With their hightened self confidence they decide to take on a large group of Ballas by themselves, after alerting the purple wearing gang members to their presence with a couple of shots from Sweet's AK47 which miss terribly, the Ballas decide to...


1. Laugh at the two grove members which can barely stand


2. Start an all out gangwar with the grove


3. Knock the two unconsious and steal their clothes

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The Ballas decide to laugh at the two pathetic GSF's, maybe 'cause they don't wanna kill them immediately and they feel ashamed about stealin' th' clothes, too. Soon reinforcements from both GSF and Azteca come, and the Ballas are outnumbered. CJ, Sweet and Vialpando return to the grove. Soon they come to know Kendl is kidnapped and a ransom note is left on the doorway. Kendl now costs $250,000 for release from the Ballas, and the brothers are not THAT wealthy.

  • They go to the Balla zone and start a war, to save their sister.
  • CJ calls the police, while Sweet goes in search of some bux, to save her either way.
  • They ring the Ballas and ask Kendl back in the expense of some territory.
Edited by 640509-040147
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They ring the Ballas and ask Kendl back in the expense of some territory. To their surprise, the Ballas agree. But, they say they want Idlewood back. CJ is obligated to agree, but does anyway. The next day, they see Kendl on their doorstep, tied up and all bloodied-up. This still angers CJ. So, he recruits some GSF homies and heads over to Idlewood, without the consent of Sweet. He starts shooting up the place and soon a gang war erupts. The Ballas are massacred by the guns of the Grove. CJ returns to the Grove, all bloodied-up. Sweet asks him what happened, but he won't answer. Soon enough...


1. The Ballas call up Sweet and they tell him what his brother did.

2. The GSF find themselves fighting for Ganton.

3. The Green Sabre returns and drive-bys the Johnson house.

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The GSF find themselves fighting for Ganton. Sweet holes himself up in Jeffery's..er, I mean OG Loc's...house and some Ballas barge in, covered in blood, which isn't theirs. Sweet looks out the window. The Ballas have taken Ganton and CJ and Kendall hae fled. The Ballas and Sweet cut a deal: Sweet will kill every other high ranking GSF member, except for CJ and Kendall, and the Ballas will give them Ganton back and a three month ceasefire. Meanwhile, CJ

1 Was in a hospital ward

2 Had been arrested

3 Was listening at the door

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Was in a hospital ward. Kendl was knocked out while CJ was fleeing with her and she wanted to see if everything was alright up there. It turns out that nothing war wrong, so they leave. As they exit the hospital, some Ballas do a drive-by on CJ and Kendl. CJ ducks just in time, but Kendl gets shot. CJ sees that the Ballas have also thrown a molotov cocktail so he grabs Kendl and runs like hell. The entrance to the hospital is blocked by flames. CJ sees a fire extinguisher outside the hospital and is puzzled, at first. Then, he picks it up and puts out the flames. He takes Kendl inside and leaves her with the doctors to handle. He then...


1. Goes after those Ballas who were trying to kill him.

2. Goes back to Ganton for more information.

3. Jacks a car and goes on a Balla killing spree.

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Goes back to Ganton for more information. A GSF homie walks up to him. "Ni&&@, I heard ya brother egotoiating a with the Ballas. He said something about killing every GSF OG exept you and your family, so the Ballas would leave us alone." CJ hunts downn Sweet at a bar and

1 Interrogates him

2 Bashes him

3 Kills him with a pool cue

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Interrogates him. "Why are you doing this!?!" Yells CJ. He grabs Sweet and pins him to the counter. Everybody else walks out of the Ten Green Bottles. "CJ," says Sweet. "I was doing it for us!" CJ eases his grip on Sweet. "What, are we gay now?" Asks CJ. "f*ck off, Carl!" Replies Sweet. "You're clearly overreacting." "I will not let it happen!" Screams CJ. "Its too late," responds Sweet. "I've already ordered hits on every high-ranking GSF members." "You bastard!" Yells CJ, slapping Sweet. He falls to the floor. He spits out blood and a few teeth. Then, a bar brawl ensues. Sweet punches CJ. However, CJ is a lot stronger since he spends more time at the gym. The result of the brawl was that Sweet is lying in his own pool of blood. However, he wasn't dead. CJ...


1. Calls for an ambulance for Sweet and goes to fix this situation he's caused.

2. Lets someone else deal with Sweet and goes to take out the Balla OGs in return.

3. Orders some GSF to take care of Sweet, but feels bad so he stays too.

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Better late than never.


CJ rings up the Hospital and Sean is taken in the ambulance. He goes to repair the affairs but the bounty-dealers have already shot-killed 2 of the high-ups. CJ talks them not to and they ask for money. CJ doesn't like it, picks up his M4, and a bloodshed occurs. CJ then recruits some of the surrendered assassins to the Grove and goes to the Balla territory to burn the place. Cesar erupts in and..


1. Tells CJ that Sweet is in Intensive Care and wants to see his bro.

2. Tells CJ that Sweet is revived, but needs rest.

3. Tells CJ that Vagos have started a war at the Grove and a few Aztecas are to defend.

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Tells CJ that Vagos have started a war at the Grove and a few Aztecas are to defend. "Aw, nuts!" Yells CJ. "Now, I can't torch this damn place!" CJ gets behind the wheel and Cesar gets in. They drive to the Grove and find the Aztecas desperately trying to save Ganton. CJ gets out with his M4 and starts blasting. Soon enough, all of the Vagos are dead. "Where the hell were all the GSF homies!?!" CJ yells to Cesar and the Aztecas. "Sweet specifically told them not to do anything," replies Cesar. "f*ck!" Screams CJ. CJ goes to the hospital in anger. He finds Sweet's room and...


1. Asks him politely to stop this madness.

2. Attempts to suffocate him with a pillow, but fails.

3. Slaps him around and walks out.

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