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The Chain Story


Recommended Posts

Note:The damageproof vehicles aren't "Supernatural sh*t that isn't in the game" because there are damageproof vehicles in the game.


Yes, yes, we know! bored.gif Could you rename those vehicles again? I kinda forgot what they were lol. Also, they're also called EP (Everything Proof). icon14.gif





Here's the list of special vehicles in SA icon14.gifbiggrin.gif

Thanks, mate.


OT: prostitution business. He hired all of the best hookers in town. He started raking in a lot of cash because lots of men wanted to do business with him. Then, one day the FBI came there and said that they're closing down the business because prostitution is illlegal. CJ was ruined. At least he got half of his money, though. Then, he remembered about his assets. He went to collect his revenue at each of his businesses and he almost had enough money. To get the rest, he did some Burglary missions. He stole some expensive stuff and got enough money. He paid the construction workers the money and they went to work rebuilding Ganton. For the time being...


1. CJ took over Idlewood so that the GSF could operate out of there, for now.

2. CJ went to take over the Rifa's turf in San Fierro so that they could operate out of there.

3. CJ asked Woozie if he could control business out of the Four Dragons Casino and he accepted.

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Went to take over Rifa turf. He succeeds in taking Garcia, but Zero is shot. He rushes Zero to the hospital and is told that he needs an IV for blood loss. CJ must now give some of his blood to Zero. However, he sees a Rifa in the corridor who survived the firefight. CJ

1 Gives Zero the blood

2 Lures the Rifa outside, knocks him out and OD's him on his own heroin

3 Bails out like a pussy

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CJ quickly donates blood, before bursting into the corridor where he tackles the Rifa to the ground. He then punches him numerous times before dragging his body into the janitor's closet. He then calmly walks back to the operating room, to see the operation of Zero receiving blood take place.


• The operation take 15 hours.

• CJ gets bored and leaves.

• CJ falls asleep, and wakes up after Zero has gone.

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CJ gets bored and leaves. He goes to take Cesar and Sweet on a drive-by shooting against the Rifa. They kill three Rifa, but are pulled over by the cops after they get a few blocks away. "What appears to be the problem, officer," CJ says, while Sweet and Cesar hide the guns. "You were just doing seventy in a sixty zone. Why?"

"Holmes, I need to show you something dodgy," Cesar says to the cop.

"What," says the cop in surprise. He leans in to look at Cesar and CJ stabs him dead before speeding away. The trio then ditch the stolen car and

1 Are ambushed by Rifas.

2 Are called by Berkley. He wants revenge on Zero and has kidnapped him.

3 Are called by the hospital. Zero has been released. They go to visit Zero, who takes them out into the park to show them a new RC spy plane he has built. As they are about to walk in upon returning, the building is blown to $#it.

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Are called by the hospital. Zero has been released. They go to visit Zero, who takes them out into the park to show them a new RC spy plane he has built. As they are about to walk in upon returning, the building is blown to $#it. Zero, CJ, Sweet and Cesar look at the wreckage. "O...kay," says Zero. "So much for that, eh guys?" He laughs a nervous laugh. CJ gets in a car and they all follow him. CJ drives to the dock. He sits by the ledge and the others are like WTF? Sweet walks up to him and asks him, "Wasup, CJ? What's wrong wit'choo?" "Nothing," replies CJ. "Leave me alone!" CJ hears them get in the car and drive away, but he doesn't care. Suddenly, three Rifa walk up to him with uzis. "Hey, busta," says a Rifa. "What you doin' in our neck of the woods?" CJ slaps them and a bitch-fight ensues. CJ throws the Rifa into the water and they swim away. CJ...


1. Leaves and goes looking for his friends.

2. Takes out a Deagle and shoots them all dead.

3. Swims after them to kill them.

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Kills them with his D/ Eagle. He pumps round after .50 calibre round into the Rifa's, taking out all of his anger at Denise and Toreno on them. He soon gets bored and leaves....

1 ....for Los Santos. He wants to check out Denise's house, see if she's returned so he can finish her off

2... to find his friends.

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CJ gets bored and steals a boat to go back to Los Santos, where he finds Denise in his home. They kiss and make up, and go on a date.


• They go to the Ten Green Bottles.

• "" Alhambra.

• "" Drive-by shooting.

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They go to the Ten Green Bottles. They both drink their problems away and when they get outside, they're drunk. CJ calls a cab and they both get in. CJ tells the cabbie to drive to Denise's home, even though its really close. They couldn't walk home anyway because they were drunk. When Denise is out of the car, CJ tells the cabbie to take him home. When he gets outside, some GSF homies walk up to him. "CJ!" Says a homie. "We need your help!" "What is it, homie?" CJ replies. "Some Ballas have taken our money and they ain't givin' it back," responds the homie. "Okay, lets go," answers CJ. CJ gets in a car and the homies get in, too. CJ attempts to drive, but he drives recklessly. He crashes into a police car and...


1. The cops arrest him.

2. CJ drives on, forgetting about the cops.

3. They have a shootout with the cops.

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They have a shootout with the cops, and this happens to CJ:

1. Wasted!

2. He shoots all the cops with a tec-9 that one of the homies who died in the shootout was carrying.

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He shoots all the cops with a tec-9 that one of the homies who died in the shootout was carrying. He gets away from the cops and continues onward to where the Ballas were hanging out. He sees three GSF homies and stops. He gets out and recruits them. They all get in CJ's car and drive to the Ballas crackhouse. They break in, guns blaring. They see drugged out Ballas and Ballas getting blow jobs. They kill as many as they can and some Ballas even try to hit CJ and his guys with bats. Once all of the Ballas are killed off, a gang war erupts. CJ uses the inside of the crackhouse as cover while the GSF get owned outside. CJ gets pissed and takes out his trusty mini-gun. He cuts down the Ballas easily and walks away. He now has more turf. He goes back to the 'hood and...


1. Denise comes running up to him, saying that her cat is caught in a fire.

2. Sweet walks up to him, saying that they're gonna go pull off a heist.

3. He sees the GSF having a civil war with each other.

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Sweet walks up to him, saying that they're gonna go pull off a heist. The target is a bank which the Ballas are standing over (A/N if you don;t know what that is, Google standover, click on the first link and check out the second explanation). The plan is for Sweet and Denise to go in and grab the cash, while CJ shoots any threats with a sniper rifle. Cesar is the getaway driver.They acquire a SWAT Enforcer for the getaway car and arm Sweet and Denise with AK-47s. Cesar is to bring his Mac-10. The big day arrives and

1 The heist goes great.

2 They get into a Mexican standoff with Ballas in the bank

3 Cesar is shot in the arm while doing about 120 miles an hour and the car goes hurtling into the sea, with the money in it.

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The heist goes great. They're all $25,000 richer. They all celebrate by making a reservation at the Ten Green Bottles for just CJ's friends. It goes great. They go outside and part ways, everybody going to their own home. CJ and Denise are left. They decide to do some drive-bys, despite the time of day. CJ does the driving while Denise does the shooting. After killing a few Ballas, they go home. Denise is satisfied and asks CJ if he would like some "hot coffee." CJ accepts, but they only have "warm coffee." After that, CJ steps outside and walks it out to his 'hood. There, he rests for the rest of the night, even though there's only a few more hours left of the night. Six hours later, CJ wakes up and...


1. Goes to Cluckin' Bell for breakfast.

2. Gets out his bike and rides around Los Santos to build muscle.

3. Goes shopping!

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"Cj desides to head off to cluckin bell for breakfast." on the way cj jacked a person with a bike and hopped on it then he parked at cluckin bells parking lot. Cj got off the bike and then

he walked up to the door and opened it. He had to take a crap bad so he went into the mens room and sat on the toliet. He heard struggleing in the next stall he looked under the door and seen a man rapeing another man. Cj then

1. Kicks down the door with a machine gun.

2. Cj desides it's time and pulls down his pants and enters the other stall.

3. Cj walks out of the rest room to get his food and leave.

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CJ walks out of the restroom, gets his food and leaves. However, he forgot to pay.


1. The cops come after him.

2. Nobody notices.

3. The person at the counter pulls out a shotgun...

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Nobody notices. He quickly gets on his Bike and speeds to his house and eats his Cluckin Bell. Now he goes Outside and....


A. Drives on His bike for Shopping

B. He was still Hungry, so on to Burger Shot

C. Takes a Bath

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He was still Hungry, so on to Burger Shot. He does the same thing, there too. He "steals" food without anyone noticing that he didn't pay. People must be really tired today, thinks CJ. There's only one more restaurant to go to: Well Stacked Pizza Co. He goes to the one near the Barber's in Idlewood. He orders a large pizza and attempts to steal the pizza. Then, the young kid who works there notices and takes out a shotgun! He shoots at CJ. However, CJ saves himself by using the pizza. The shotgun bullets hit the pizza, destroying it. CJ is pissed. He rips his pizza in half and roars! He takes out a bat with a spike in it and runs towards the kid. He takes the kid's shotgun out of his hands and his first blow hits him square in the eye. There's blood draining down his face. CJ ruins his body with his spiked baseball bat and finally hits the kid with the final blow, killing him in a bloody mess. He fool lies in his own pool of blood. The cops arrive outside, but they don't come inside. CJ takes cover behind the counter and takes out his dual uzis. He opens fire and...


1. His accuracy falls because the cops are too far away.

2. He hits a flammable tank which blows up the entire restaurant.

3. Kills as many cops as he can.

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He hits the Flammable tank destroying the restaurant. Killing him in the Process. He respans at the Hospital and then.......


A. Goes home

B. Goes shopping!

C. Takes a cruise throughout the city


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Cj goes shoping, so he heads to bingo and buys some clothing, a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a red rog. CJ then thought what if he went under cover as a balla and got in one of there factorys? Cj thought it over and he

1. Did so he dressed as a balla

2. Desides to just wear his underwear now

3. Dresses in (insert here) and then goes to denises house to get some hot coffe.

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CJ decides to just go in his underwear, the lady at the til is is like WTF and pulls out a S.P.A.S shotgun and CJ then whips out a Satchel charge and places it on her, runs out side and annihilates her. CJ then goes hope to his mom's house where Sweet, Kendl, and Caesar are waiting for him to say Kendl and Caesar are getting married.


1. The wedding goes great and they get married

2. The wedding goes to sh*t because ballas ambush them

3. everyone goes home

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The weeding goes great. CJ is happy. Everyone is happy. Now that the Couple left, what should CJ do now?


A. Rob a 99 Cent store

B. Goes home

C. Goes out in Public in his Underwear

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Rob a 99 cent store. He walks in there wearing a rag over his face and carrying an AK-47. He gets away with one hundred dollars. He goes to rob the 69 cent store near where the lowrider drivers meet in El Corona. He repeats the process, but only gets seventy dollars. He is p!ssed so he robs a bar in Ballas territory. Jackpot! He gets out with seven hundred bucks! His total haul was 770 dollars. He goes to Ganton to lie low...

1 When he gets there, Woozie asks for him to guard him during an arms deal in San Fierro

2 But is intercepted by the armed robbery squad

3 But his car breaks down in Ballas turf as a posse of angry Ballas walks over.

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lol "Bingo" and "Weeding?" WTF!?! tounge.gif


OT: But is intercepted by the armed robbery squad (Or A.R.S., if you will). The ARS are led by Ryder. They attempt to rob CJ's mum's house. CJ says, "Ryder, you sherm head! I'll never let you get away with this!" Ryder's thugs approach CJ. He attempts to beat them up, but they jump CJ, leaving him bleeding on the pavement. He watches as Ryder and his goons get in their Boxville and drive away. Sweet hears the commotion and runs outside. "Bro," he says. "You aiight?" "I feel like sh*t," replies CJ. "C'mon," responds Sweet. "Lets get ya to da hospital." Sweet drives him over there and all CJ does is go through a Health icon. He is fully restored and...


1. Decides to blow up Ryder's Boxville, destroying his own sh*t as well.

2. Decides to assassinate each of Ryder's goons but spare Ryder himself.

3. Orders some GSF homies to kidnap Ryder for revenge! devil.gif

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He decides to kidnap ryder for revenge. In his house, Ryder is watching The Office, then they beat him up and put him in a bag. Then they go to mums house. After that they torture ryder, what do they do?


A. Beat him up more

B. Pee on him

C. Do nothing but give him a cookie cookie.gif to fix there relationship

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They beat Ryder up some more. Eventually, Ryder starts falling unconscious and dozes off, but CJ has other plans. He stops bashing him, then ties him up into the back seat of the car, and...


• ... drives him into the ocean.

• ... burns the car.

• ... leaves him there to suffocate.

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He decides to burn the car. Ryder wakes up and says "You busta muthaf*cka!", as he is in engulfed in the flames, screaming to his death. Suddenly, some Ballas appear and start blasting. Ryder escapes, nearly dead, and puts on some body armor while he gets strapped. CJ, Sweet, and some homies are under heavy fire behind a car, while Ryder and the Ballas are blasting from behind the flaming, yet still drivable ( mercie_blink.gif ) car that CJ used to torcher Ryder. Suddenly, Woozie dives off the bridge above Grove Street on a motorcycle, firing away at Ryder and the Ballas! His lucky aim (cuz he's blind alien.gif ) causes him to shoot the gas tank of the car that Ryder and the Ballas are behind! BOOM, the car explodes and Ryder and the Ballas are lying in pools of blood. "DAMN WOOZIE" says CJ. But Woozie isn't laughing, nor smiling. Woozie picks up his SMG and...


1. Points it at CJ!

2. Shoots the gas tank of the car that CJ, Sweet and the homies were using for cover! (everybody except Woozie are still near the car)

3. Kills off the remaining homies!

4. Tries to fire, but the gun's jammed, so CJ launches for Woozie!

5. CJ gets freaked the f*ck out, but Woozie only shoots a Balla creeping up from behind, about to knife a homie.

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CJ gets freaked the f*ck out, but Woozie only shoots a Balla creeping up from behind, about to knife a homie. Now Woozie demands that the Grove ST og's go to San Fierro. The Ballas are attacking! Cj.....


A. Goes to San Fierro

B. Sends homies, but CJ doesn't go.

C. Gives woozie a cookie cookie.gif and then sends men and goes

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CJ decides to go to San Fierro. He's been neglecting Woozie for too long to not to help him out. He orders Sweet and the homies to stay alert, armed, and ready, because of the all the Ballas attacks going on. "C'mon CJ!" yells Woozie. CJ jumps on the bike with Woozie, and they race off to the Los Santos Airport. "Carl, turn around back of this flight wing. My men have a private jet they're waiting for us in." As CJ is rushing through the airport gates, they see Woozies men and jet being pinned down by some more Ballas! "Aww sh*t not again" says CJ. Suddenly, three SWAT team hellicopters land and theres gunfire everywhere! "GET IN THE JET!" yells Woozie. Suddenly the Jet explodes!, causing the SWAT team choppers in explode as well! A few more explosions take off and as the dust clears, SWAT force soldiers are coming in from everywhere! At least 30 of them! Woozie is being handcuffed, but CJ remains out of sight behind a crate! "Aw sh*t, what now?..." CJ asks himself...


1. CJ starts blasting away at the SWAT Team officers, trying to rescue Woozie.

2. CJ calls some back-up to come to the airport.

3. CJ has a plan, and gets himself arrested.

4. CJ runs away, planning to break Woozie out of the prison later.


(sorry for the long stories. I like writing them tounge2.gif )

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He shoots the SWAT. They all go down as CJ uncuffs Woozie. Now they jack a care as sweet and a surviving homie comes in the 4-door. They drive through the countryside making it to San Fierro. In the Doherty garage, some more ballas! Then......


A. CJ caps on them

B. Woozie kills them

C. All 4 die, they respawn at the hospital

D. CJ throws a cookie cookie.gif so they won't attack. Ballas can't resist cookies.

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Saw something like this on a forum this summer. Sadly, there was beginning to be a spam thread, and closed.


CJ throws a cookie cookie.gif , believing that it will stop the Balas, as they were out of ammo. The ballas then close in, eat the cookie cookie.gif andcapture tem. Then...


1. the ballas torture them

2. the ballas try to kill them

3. an earthquake save the guys and kills the ballas.


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The Ballas try to kill them. They take a yacht out into the bay and throw CJ overboard. However, he can swim! He climbs back on to the boat and is shot in the thigh. Sweet then grabs a gun and kills the Ballas-but the other homie was caught in the crossfire. The trio then heads back to Fierro and CJ is healed by Katie. Sweet and Woozie leave but CJ stays.


CJ and Katie have "coffee" and fall asleep. That night, a hitman hired by the Rifa and Ballas sneaks in through the window. However, Katie awakens to get some water. She screams, waking CJ up, who grabs his Desert Eagle and shoots him dead. He and Katie then

1 Leave for

1aLas Venturas

1b Los Santos

2 Call Sweet and tell him about it

3 Dispose of the body and the spent shell cartridge from the gun

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