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The Chain Story


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CJ looks at his stats



Lets 'em go. He doesn't want to start any trouble with them right now.

"Damn....where am I ?"

CJ then look at the Sign..."WELCOME TO LAS BARANCAS"...

CJ then walk to the town...then He buy a hotdog and see a Freeway and a Washington



  • Take the Car and Escape
  • Kill People on Las Barancas
  • Chase the Rifa with the Freeway
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CJ looks at his stats


lol shut up. J/K. tounge.gif


OT: Take the Car and Escape. He drives back to San Fierro. He gets in a car accident and guess who the other driver was!?! Cesar! They both apologize, but their cars are totalled. CJ has an idea. They go to Wang Cars and CJ steals a Elegy while Cesar takes the Savannah. They break the glass and escape. They get a wanted level. "What the f*ck?!?" Asks CJ. "This ma own bizness! Can't I take ma own cars?" CJ and Cesar...


1. Go around town, escaping the cops.

2. Go to Wheels Arch Angels to mod their cars.

3. Go to a rival car showroom and brew trouble there.

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Cj and Ccesar sped up to Arch Angels, Only one car at a time could fit into the garage so Cesar had to wait outside.

After Cj finished Mod his Car up and lossed his wanted level he realizes Cesar isnt there anymore. Also Cj is gettin hungry


1.Drive round San Fierro Looking for Ces

2.Call him up on his phone

3.Forget about him

4.Go to burger shot because your hungry

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Call him up on his phone. "What the hell, Cesar!" Says CJ. "Why'd you ditch me?" "Cuz, holmes," replies Cesar. "My vehicle couldn'ta been modded anyway. Not at WAA, anyway. Besides, I got a li'l hungry. Meet me at Burger Shot, ese." CJ drives over to the Burger Shot and they eat together. Then, two robbers come in the store and try to rob the restaurant. CJ and Cesar decide to get rid of them. CJ pops one guy in the head while Cesar snaps the other guy's head. Then...


1. They get a wanted level and leave.

2. They give the money back to the shopkeep.

3. They pick up the money and continue eating.

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They pick up the money and give back to the shop keep. 2 minutes later a Patriotic Looking guy reported to the police that there was a dirty mexican guy who robbed a shop. Cj and Cesar had a 4 star wanted level......


1. THey hop in Cj's car (elegy)

2. They hop in Cesars car (savannah)

3. they go in their separate cars and drive off

4. They run on foot to the nearest Safehouse

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They hop in Cesars car (savannah). They drive away before the cops reach Burger Shot. However, they still have a wanted level. The SFPD tell all of their officers to be on the look-out for a dirty Mexican. However, there were many hispanic citizens in San Andreas, let alone in San Fierro. CJ was thinking about going to the Pay N' Spray when their wanted level disappeared. The cops didn't have enough information. "They prolly arrested some nex Mexican," says CJ. "Haha suckaz!" Now, they...


1. Go to CJ's garage in Doherty.

2. Go back to Los Santos to the 'hood.

3. Go to Pier 69 for some hot dogs.

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Cj n Ces head down to the pier and grabbed a couple of hot dogs. While eating Cj had the craziest game ever "I bet i could beat u in a race back to Santa Maria in LS, the catch is...U gots da swim the whole entire way"

So Cj jumped over the pier, then followed by Cesar. The RACE WAS ON!! Cesar was taking the lead..


1.Try n grab Cesar, then CHOKE him

2.Head back to Land and cheat the race by using a car

3.Search for a boat

4.Pull ur gun out and Kill cesar

5.Keep on racing



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"Cj keeps on raceing" while they were swiming a race boat comes along really really quick and runs ceasor over. ceasor falls in the water and cj dives under the water but he was to far under so cj trys anyway he grabs ceasor an heads to the top of the water. getting up onto this small island. he looks back and sees this huge boat sinking it's a container ship. cj lays ceasor on the small island and swims over to the ship and hops on. he sees a few girls and guys jumping all over one jumped over and his pants got cought on the ledge. so cj grabs his pants and throws him over board cj runs down the deck and grabs this life boat and yells "HOPE IN PEOPLE HURRY NO TIME LEFT". then a huge wave hit the boat making it tip over cj is up side down in the boat now. cj trys to look but it's to dark so he hurrys up and jumps in the controll room then he jumps up the stairs down the steps to the bottom of the ship but it's up side down. cj starts getting scared and finds a huge crow bar lucky he is but he don't have much time and some other people need help so he yells "COME OVER HERE IDIOTS" they come over there and help cj with the crow bar trying to pri the bottom of the ship but it's no use but since he has a water proof phone he calls ceasor and tells you out there alive? Yes what happen are you in the boat? replied ceasor. Yes im in the boat help me quick it's sinking "OH NO" Ill be right there ceasor swims to the boat and grabs on and jumps on the top/bottom of the ship and starts stomping this part where the rock hit and cj starts crow baring it then it breaks for some reason the ship fills with water fully and cj swims out and then

1.Swims out alive.

2.They continue the race.

3.They start a small fire on the island and sit there intill help arives.

4.Helicopters come and save them.

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They continue the race. The boys and girls in the ship (Who were Japanese school children) all drowned. "What about the kids, holmes?" Asks Cesar. "Not much we can do, homie," replies CJ. "They dead. Lets continue our race, playa." By the end of the race, they get to Los Santos. The winner is CJ. Cesar hands over a wad of cash to CJ, hesitantly. Then, they see some Ballas driving close by in a car. "Oh sh*t!" Yells CJ. "Drive by!" CJ and Cesar duck and fortunately, they weren't hit. CJ...


1. Whips out dual uzis and fires at their car, trying to blow it up!

2. Jacks and car and they chase after the Ballas.

3. Lies down in a fetal position, sucking his thumb.

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Whips out dual uzis and fires at their car, trying to blow it up! Unfortunately, a stray bullet hits an FBI agent involved in a hostage situation a few feet away. Several SWAT team members open fire. "Oh sh%t," yells Cesar. A police marksman then opens fire with a sniper rifle from a rooftop. CJ and Cesar

1 Die

2 Hide behind a random pedestrian and use the poor bugger as cover

3 Kill the cops

4 Run

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CJ and Cesar

1 Die

They just can't do that, as main characters can't be dead.


So ........


Carl and Cesar run, but unfortunately an FBI agent sees them and chases them. They hide till they are off. After the coast is clear, they return to the Grove, but Sean calls them from San Fierro and says he is in an urgent situation and when CJ and Cesar reach LS airport, the Juank air plane has just left. They are in a dilemma and


1 - Chooses to go in a jacked Shamal from the Airport.


2 - Take the road way or train way but Sweet's distress becomes complicated.


3 - Asks Sweet to call for help from the GSF members around there or call CJ's friends in SF.

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Cj ditches Cesar becoz only one person can fit inside a shamal, the plane is about to take off but.......


1.A rocket hits u from outta nowhere

2.Cesar jacks u and flies off

3.Cj runs over Cesar

4.Fly off to Mt Chiliad

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Cesar jacks u and flies off. "If anybody's gonna save your brother, its gonna be me, cabron," says Cesar, pulling out CJ. Cesar drives off. "What the f*ck, busta!" Replies CJ. But, its too late. Cesar has already left. Now, CJ jacks a car and has to drive all the way to San Fierro. When he gets there, he goes to the place where Sweet told them to meet him. But all he sees are dead GSF homies and dead Rifa, along with a lot of blood! But, there's no sign of Cesar or Sweet. CJ...


1. Goes back to the Grove to see if Sweet's at home.

2. Phones up Sweet's number to ask him where he is.

3. Calls up Cesar, even though they are having a dispute.

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2. Phones up Sweet's number to ask him where he is.


Sweet doesn't pick up his phone and CJ is worried.

CJ keeps trying in all hope and suddenly sweet picks up the phone.

"Sweet! where are you?!"

"I'm...a..ttt......the clucking bell......help..."


CJ hurries to the CB and sees sweet being taken by an ambulance.

before he gets in , CJ asks sweet what happened.

sweet replies:


-i'm beaten up by some guys that wanted my burger

-my heart went down a second...

-some guys took revenge.....urgh....

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my heart went down a second..."Its those f*ckin' heart stopper burgers!" Replies CJ. "Don' eat 'em! They're bad fo' ya, bro." CJ lets the ambulance take Sweet to the hospital. He gets in a nearby car and follows. When they get to the hospital, CJ stays outside of Sweet's room to make sure that nobody comes in. A few hours later, the doctor comes out and tells CJ that Sweet will be okay. "Thank God!" Says CJ, hugging the doctor. The doctor kinda pushes him away. "Yeah..." says the doc. "That was...a bit awkward." CJ...


1. Kicks the doctor in the nuts and takes Sweet home.

2. Agrees and waits until Sweet is fully healed.

3. Is about to say something when he gets a call from Cesar.

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CJ kicks the doctor where the sun don't shine."Nobody says that to Carl Johnson!" CJ walks into Sweets room where Sweet is staring at the TV."Were going home Sweet." said CJ." But Republican Space Rangers is coming on!" replied Sweet."Just come on!" said CJ."Fine." said Sweet. The two Johnson brothers drove home and watched Republican Space Rangers. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was..

1. Ceaser

2. The Cluckin Bell mascot

3. The doctor who CJ kicked

user posted image
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It was Ceasar. CJ yells at him and sais, "What the f*ck! Why did you want to go to save Sweet!?" Then Ceaser sais,"Its cuz i like him homes. I just went out with Kendl so i could be more closer to Sweet!" CJ responds"WHAT THE f*ck IS WRONG WITH YOU HOMIE?" Then CJ hears sweet say, "CJ whats wrong?" Then CJ realises that while Sweet and him were watching Republican Space Rangers he accidentaly fell asleep and he had a nightmare. Sweet then asks CJ what he was dreaming. CJ then...


-Tells him the truth

-Lies about his dream,telling him something completely different

-Gets up and walks away









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CJ tells Sweet something completely different. 5 minutes later..."Then I was like, BANG, BANG!" said CJ mimicking a gun with his hand."Thats one cool dream, CJ" said Sweet, amazed. Suddenly, a molotov cocktail is thrown through the window. It hits Sweet straight in the head, so he starts screaming. CJ, shocked by whats happening...

1. Puts out the fire.

2. Runs away

3. Laughs lol.gif

user posted image
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Puts out the fire. He takes a fire extinguisher he's been keeping for a time like this and aims it at Sweet. After the fire is out, Sweet is breathless and coughing like crazy. "CJ," says Sweet, breathlessly. "I...need...my...puffers!" CJ goes up to Sweet's room and brings him his puffers. After Sweet takes the medicine, he feels better. "Ah," says Sweet. "Much better." CJ looks at the medicine and its reads HEROINE. "f*ck!" Says CJ, slapping Sweet. "The f*ck's wrong wit choo man?" Sweet...


1. Tries to explain that the Ballas probably switches his medicine.

2. Has no explanation and lets CJ slap him around.

3. Runs away and CJ gives chase.

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Cj constantly slaps sweet until sweet vomited (if that makes sense), finally sweet has passed out. After all the slapping Cj goes to watch More tv until sweet wakes up.


1-Sweet and CJ make out coz Cj saved his life

2-Keep watching TV

3-Cruise around the beach area looking for girls to take home

4-The doctor that CJ kicked in the balls Knocks on the Door

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The doctor knocks the door,CJ opens it and says"Where's my motherf*cking HOT COFFEE man?".The Doctor replies"Nice idea,CJ.I'll get you some condoms."


1. The doctor brings Condoms.

2. CJ goes to Denise' house and f*cks her hard

3. After returning to his home;he finds that Sweet isn't in the house.he gets a call from a Balla--> "give us 500000$ otherwise your brother will be stripped,made to dance for money @ a Las Venturas Strip club;and THEN he will be killed on the tracks of Cranberry railway station;bring the money in front of the pond in Glen Park."




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After returning to his home;he finds that Sweet isn't in the house.he gets a call from a Balla--> "give us 500000$ otherwise your brother will be stripped,made to dance for money @ a Las Venturas Strip club;and THEN he will be killed on the tracks of Cranberry railway station;bring the money in front of the pond in Glen Park." CJ gets there and sees a bunch of Ballas and Sweet who is their captive. CJ gives them their money, but they try to escape with Sweet. CJ takes out an AK-47 and slaughters them all, saving Sweet. "Thanks bro," says Sweet. The duo...


1. Go home to rest.

2. Take over some Balla territory.

3. Go to visit Cesar.

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CJ and Sweet decide to visit Ceaser to get some answers. They reach Ceaser's house but there appears to be noone home."Hey holmes" CJ and Sweet look behind them to see Ceaser and a bunch of Aztecas pointing guns at them."Time to die" said Ceaser loading his gun. CJ and Sweet..

1. Were massacared but respawned at the hospital.

2. Massacared Ceaser but he respawned at the hospital.

3. Surrendered to the Aztecas.

user posted image
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Cj and Sweet surrendered to the Aztecas. They took sweet back to theyre Safehouse while CJ had to stay behind. One guard gives Cj the oppurtunity to leave if he


1.Sucks the Aztecas dude willy

2.Run around nude

3.Rob a store and hand the cash to the Aztecas

4.Wait to go to the safehouse

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CJ would only be allowed in if he robbed a store and gave the Aztecas the money. So thats exactly what CJ did. After robbing the store, CJ went outside and hear sirens just down the street. CJ rushed to his car and dove back to the safehouse. When he gave over the cash, the Azteca..

1. Let CJ in.

2. Didn't let CJ in.

3. Said he had one more job for CJ.

user posted image
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Let CJ in. CJ was invited over to the Aztecas' safehouse in El Corona. There, they were badly torturing Sweet - for fun! CJ was pissed, but there was not much he could do since he was only a minor Azteca. He sees Cesar take out a lighter and burns Sweet's balls. That was it. CJ has had enough! He whips out a Desert Eagle and shoots Cesar's hand. "Ahhh!" Yells Cesar, clutching his stump where his hand was. Cesar orders his men to kill CJ. CJ kills them all and there was only Sweet, CJ and Cesar left. CJ...


1. Took off Cesar's other hand with his Deagle.

2. Pistol whipped Cesar and he gets knocked out.

3. Frees Sweet and they escape.

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CJ shot off Ceasers other hand with his Desert Eagle. Ceaser fell to the ground, looking at his two stumps in disbelief."CJ, I'll kill you!" said Ceaser as he ran at CJ. CJ..

1. Shot Ceaser in the kneecaps

2. Punched Ceaser as he ran at him

3. Was too late to defend himself and got tackled to the floor

user posted image
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.... Shot Cesar in the kneecaps. Cesar collapsed to the floor and swore revenge as two Aztecas armed with miniguns stormed in. CJ blew one's head off with the Desert Eagle and put the gun to Cesars head and yelled:


2 "Gimme the minigun"

3 Option 3, then option 1

4 "Take Sweet! Just don't hurt me!"

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"P#SS OFF OR HE DIES!" The two Aztecas lower their guns. Sweet gets up and takes Cesar's Glock that was in his pocket. He walks up to the two Aztecas and end their lives. They decide to spare Cesar's life since he's useless anyway. CJ and Sweet look down at the mini-guns. CJ pistol whips Cesar out cold. "Ya know what I'm thinkin'?" Asks Sweet. "Hell yeah!" Replies CJ. They equip themselves with mini-guns and head outside. They decide to go on a VLA rampage. They...


1. Kill as many Aztecas as they can and take over their turf.

2. Kill as many gangstas as they can, but the cops get involved.

3. Kill some Aztecas, but some Vagos and Ballas get involved.

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2 Kill Aztecas but the cops get involved.


The FBI,police, DEA, NSA, CIA and SWAT all get involved so CJ and Sweet fly to Mexico in a Maverick. As they are about to cross the border, fighter jets show up and fire missiles at the Maverick. The first few miss, but the Johnson brothers are worried so

1 CJ takes the only parachute and bails out

2 They surrender and are shot... repeatedly.... with sniper rifles... at close range.... in the head.

3 CJ throws Sweet out of the chopper and the chopper is blown up by missles, but CJ bails out with a parachute just in time

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