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The Chain Story


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Geez. Some periods wouldn't hurt anybody lol.


OT: Get in the boat and just drive. They drive around for some time. They end up near San Fierro and the desert. They see a boat just floating there. Its all bloodied up. They climb aboard and see Ryder's corpse! A cop boat is approaching, so CJ and Sweet throw the body in the water. The cops come by and says, "Is there a problem here, gentlemen?" "No problem here, officer," replies CJ. "We were just enjoying our picnic when our ketchup bottle exploded on us." The cops...


1. Believe them and they drive away.

2. Don't believe them and call a search party to investigate.

3. Arrest CJ and Sweet for conspiracy charges.

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The officer does not belive them and he calls a search party.

five more police boats arrive to start the search while cj and sweet start freaking out

but out of no where one of the police boats blow up near another one and another one leaveing 3 boats left they all go into the water swimming away scared then

1.Cj and sweet find out who did this.

2.Cj and sweet see some diving gear in the boat.

3.They leave.

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They leave. CJ decides to drive Sweet back to Los Santos. He jacks a car and drives Sweet back to the Grove. Then, he goes to Los Santos Int'l and jacks a helicopter. He flies to San Fierro. When he gets out, he sees some Rifa driving away. He takes out an RPG and fires it at them, blowing them up. CJ gets a star. He jacks somebody's ride and escapes. CJ...


1. Loses his wanted level and kills some more Rifa.

2. Runs over some people, causing him to get two stars.

3. Goes to the Pay N' Spray to lose his wanted level.

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Loses his wanted level and kills some more Rifa.

"Go TO HELL YOU S.o.B ! (son of a B*tch)

He then Get a Shotgun from the Rifa Corps and Kill more Rifa....Unfortunately...Cop See him...CJ:


1.Kill the Cop

2.Run Away

3.Ignore the Cop

Edited by Osiris Knight
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Cj spots the cop and runs around the corner. he knocks into another cop and slams him down

the cop asks what is going on with you buddy cj replys "Oh nothing sir". On the cops radio it says "Black male running near your location" cj punches the cop in the stumach and hides around a corner in the trash can when he finally thinks he is safe he gets out and


1.Cop spots him again.

2.He is fine and goes to burger shot.

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Cop spots him again. He takes out a baton and smacks the garbage bin with it. The bin falls over, with CJ falling out. He rolls away and takes out an uzi. He kills the cop and goes on his way. But, he gets a two-star wanted level. He steals a car and speeds away with cops on his tail. He easily gets rid of them by going to the countryside. Every now and then, a cop would speed his way and try to stop him. Eventually...


1. The cops arrest him and he goes to jail.

2. His wanted level dies down to nothing and he is free to go.

3. CJ falls into the ocean, nearly drowning to death.

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Eventually, the cops arrest him and he goes to jail. After spending a day in police custody, Sweet pays the bail money and he's released. "Thanks bro', I owe you one!" CJ said happily as he met with his brother outside.


"No problem CJ, except we have some problems wit' some of them Rifa boys from Fierro," Sweet replies as he climbs into his Greenwood, with CJ following.


• They stock up on weapons, ready to head to San Fierro.

• They go to paint the car in Rifa colours, so they can infiltrate their turf.

• They accidentally run over an Azteca, and receive a 1-star wanted rating.

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"They stock up on weapons, ready to head to San Fierro."


They leave the Ammu-Nation and drive through Flint County to San Fierro. However before they can find a good hiding place they are spotted by a group of four Rifas outside the driving school. The Rifas expected an attack, and are wearing body armour and carrying AK47s. However, the Johnson boys are packing major heat too. A fierce gang war ensues...


-Sweet and CJ kill all the Rifas, but someone has alerted the cops. They have a 3 star wanted level.

-The Rifas are too strong for Sweet and CJ and they find themselves respawned at the Santa Flora Hospital, pondering their next move.

-Some Ballas roll through and kill the Rifas. Luckily, they didn't see the Johnson Brothers. Sweet and CJ jump back in the Greenwood and continue the assault on Rifas territory, wary that there are Ballas in San Fierro as well.

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Some Ballas roll through and kill the Riffas. Luckily, they didn't see the Johnson Brothers. Sweet and CJ jump back in the Greenwood and continue the assault on Riffas territory, wary that there are Ballas in San Fierro as well. Later on, as they were going to do a drive-by on some Riffas,they see that they are in a complete gang war with the ballas,CJ and Sweet decide to go in and also join in on the chaos, but what happens next...


-CJ and Sweet finish of every last Balla and Riffa in San Fierro

-Sweet is surrounded by Ballas and gets shot in the arm, making it impossible for him to fire any weapon, thus leaving it all to CJ

-CJ and Sweet both see that thy can get outnumbered and decide to leave back to LS

-CJ and Sweet both get outnumbered and get wasted,so they take a night off in the Hospital

-They just wait to see who wins so they can attack them

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CJ and Sweet finish of every last Balla and Rifa in San Fierro, but find some Rifas escaping in Dinghies. CJ immediately hops onto the Jetmax at the San Fierro Pier, while Sweet stays on land. CJ catches up with the Rifas quickly, but the Rifas are packing MP5's and quickly blow CJ's Jetmax to flames. With no option left, CJ ditches the exploding boat and ends up losing the Rifas and treading water west of Mount Chiliad.


CJ swims onto shore, and steals a Vincent from the freeway. He drives the Vincent all the way to RS Haul, where he decides to do some trucking missions. He jumps into a truck, and the order note says, "Deliver to Battery Point before midnight." CJ checks the time on his cell phone, it is currently half past seven at night. CJ drives the truck and its trailer in the direction of San Fierro, but as he enters San Fierro near Easter Bay, he is ambushed by bikers riding on crimson dirtbikes. Apparently, the Rifas had made it back to San Fierro and sworn to destroy CJ. Realizing that he would not be able to complete this truck run, CJ ditches the tanker and engages the Rifas.


The Rifas shoot at CJ, but CJ whips out his M4 and shoots back. Out of the group of 10 Rifas, three are killed. The remaining seven, however, flee into an alley, and as CJ chases after them, he realizes it was a trap. Two Rifas leap out at him, swinging their guns at CJ's head, knocking him unconscious.


When CJ comes to, he finds himself bound and gagged, his weapons taken away. In front of him, Sweet is also bound and gagged. A Rifa member walks into the dimly lit room and points a Tec-9 at each of the brothers' heads. Sweet looks the Rifa directly in the eye, and says, "Go f*ck yourself." Without hesitation, the Rifa fires a round. However, Sweet did not die, as CJ had kicked the Rifa in the shin right before he fired, thus knocking him off balance, and sending his bullet into Sweet's left leg. Sweet cries out in pain, and the Rifa guy, enraged, whacks CJ in the head. Then, he pulls out a beer bottle, and pours the beer onto Sweet's open wound. Sweet screams horribly and goes into a spasm. During his spasm, Sweet's good leg throbs violently and hits the Rifa guy in the head, knocking him out.


CJ yells, "Sweet, hold on! I'm almost out of these ropes!" After a minute, CJ frees himself and proceeds to free his brother. Then, he flings Sweet over his shoulders and carries him out of the door. CJ discovers that he has emerged from an ordinary door in Paradiso. Immediately, CJ jacks a car and drives to the Santa Flora hospital, where Sweet is hospitalized.


CJ now vows to destroy the Rifas once and for all. Since they've vowed to destroy me as well, he thinks, this will be easy. CJ goes to the coffee bar opposite the hospital for a drink. Five minutes later, as expected, the seven Rifas riding crimson dirtbikes show up again. They enter the bar and CJ, his weapons gone, is left shorthanded. He decides to hide behind the barstand. The Rifas walk up to the bar and ask, "Bartender, you seen a black guy around here?"


CJ, behind the barstand, clutches the bartender's leg and holds a beer bottle to the bartender's crotch. He whispers, "if you give me away, I will f*ckin' shove this bottle up yo' ass." The bartender, terrified, says, "No, I ain't seen no black guy!" The Rifas don't believe him, and one of them raises his MP5. "Tell us, son of a bitch, or I'll blow your brains out."


CJ knows that if he doesn't act soon, the Rifas will get him. So, he searches frantically inside the barstand for a gun. "The bartender must keep a gun somewhere around here," he thought. Indeed, he found a Glock hidden behind some empty beer bottles. CJ leaps out from under the barstand and fires his gun, holding down the trigger. Three of his shots hit, the remaining all miss. One Rifa guy dies immediately, having been shot in the head. Another two Rifas were hit in less fatal areas, but have both lost consciousness. Four Rifas are still standing. "Get him!" one of them shouts.


But they reacted too slowly. CJ had already jumped onto the counter, and leaped at the four Rifas. He swung his Glock in a sideways motion, striking one Rifa in the jaw. CJ then kicked his left leg, which hit another Rifa right in the unmentionnables. He then runs outside, where he mounts one of the parked crimson dirtbikes and speeds off, with the two healthy Rifas chasing right after him.


The chase continued eastwards, and pretty soon they had arrived at the SFPD headquarters. CJ decides to..


1. Lead the Rifas into an alley, where he'll turn back and shoot the two bastards in the head.

2. Flee in the Police Maverick on the top of the SFPD building.

3. Break into the SFPD building to acquire a shotgun, which he'll use to attack the Rifas.

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Damn radicell, how long is that? tounge.gif


CJ finds an alleyway across from the police station, and rides in, before hopping off and turning around, expecting to see the Rifas ride after him. However, as he looks out of the alley, he sees the two healthy Rifas ride straight past the alleyway; they didn't see him go inside! CJ turns around, boards his bike, and continues riding.


• He rides back to Los Santos.

• He rides to Katie Zhan's house.

• He rides to the desert.

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He rides to the desert.


He goes to the abandoned airstrip and takes a rest for a while.Suddenly he remembers about Sweet and his injured leg and that he is hospitalized.He takes the Hunter and heads over to the hospital that Sweet is in.Luckily for him, he spots about a dozen of cars filled with Ballas, Riffa, and a couple of Vagos heading straight to the Hospital ready with flamethrowers to torch the hostpital in which Sweet is in.CJ starts to freak out but remebers he brought the Hunter with him and he thinks that he should....


-Start Shooting the hell out of them with missiles

-Start Shooting the hell out of them with the built in MG

-Get off the Hunter right on top of them sacraficing the Hunter to explode them all

into little pieces and parachuting away from the explosion

-Quickly and stealthily go around them to the hospital window of the room of

Sweet to try to get him in the Hunter through there, risking a fall from 5 stories high(remeber, his leg got shot so he cant walk that well, let alone fall)

-Wait to see what happens

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Get off the Hunter right on top of them sacraficing the Hunter to explode them all into little pieces and parachuting away from the explosion. Behind him, there are massive explosions, ruining a whole block. There are chain reactions of explosions and by the time its done, all of the cars are destroyed. This was a major hit to the Ballas, Rifa and Vagos. Their numbers have decreased now. CJ...


1. Lands in front of the hospital.

2. Thinks its taking too long to reach the ground and lets go of the parachute.

3. Gets caught in a Hydra being piloted by a soldier.

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2. Thinks its taking too long to reach the ground and lets go of the parachute.

He falls down , and is being scared.

then he says : "Damn , the falling is nothing , only the *SPLAT*" and dies.

@ hospital : Landing..... , should've know that.

CJ sees a banshee passing by , and CJ ....


- takes banshee and drives off proud

- focusses again on enemies

- goes to casino

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Woah! notify.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gif


That took the story for a turn there...


CJ focuses on the ballas, riffa and vagos again but using his widely known stupid brain, there are none within the distance of a block as he destroyed it.


Running into the hospital to find Sweet...


1. A cutscene appears, making him look like a soldier walking away from an explosion very suave.

2. He is packed up to the brim with SMG's and fighting off against S.W.A.T in an all-out full frontal war

3. He walks in, picks up Sweet and walks out while jacking the nearest car. *MACHO!* rah.gifph34r.gif

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He walks in, picks up Sweet and walks out while jacking the nearest car. *MACHO!* However, Sweet still needs to be hospitalized. He hasn't fully healed yet. So, CJ takes Sweet to his house in Ganton and puts him in his bed. He also hires some Grove Street goons for around the clock protection of Sweet, just in case some Ballas attack. CJ then goes on to...


1. Go get a drink at Ten Green Bottles and takes a break.

2. Go to Denise's house to see if he can get some "hot coffee."

3. Look for any remaining enemy gangsters to finish them off.

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"Cj heads off to denise's house to go get some coffe be cause he needs a good time"

Cj drives from sweets house and drives into denise's drive way he beeps the horn and she comes out. cj askes can i come in for some coffee? What your crazy no! replied denise so cj asks why is she yelling at him she tells him he has not taken her out in a while. so he takes her to the dance place where they

1.Dance and drink.

2.Find some ballas who want to beat them up.

3.All the people are dead in the danceing club.

4The danceing club is on fire.

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All the people are dead in the danceing club. Suddenly, all of the doors shut automatically and an evil, maniacal laugh comes from nowhere. CJ and Denise try the door but know they are doomed. CJ takes out an uzi. "What you doin' with that, CJ?" Asks Denise. "Don't worry," replies CJ. "Show yourself, you piece of sh*t!" Out comes The Joker with a Tommy Gun. "Oh sh*t!" Responds CJ. CJ...


1. Tries to make a run for it, abandoning Denise.

2. Wastes all his bullets on The Joker, but he doesn't die.

3. Uses Denise as a hostage and says he'll kill her.

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"Cj wastes all his bullets on the joker and tells denise to take cover now all cjs bullets are gone cj then hits the floor and throws the gun at the joker and next to him he find a 9mm pistal. That wont do us good" denise said then cj tells her that it will be fine he dunks up and looks around but he don't see the joker but then the joker apears in the controll room fireing his gun cj then

1.Gets shot.

2.Hits the floor.

3.There is a bunker in the ground that leaders to (Pick some where)

4.The doors unlock and _______ comes in (Pick someone)

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Hits the floor. "Lets play some music, shall we Carl Johnson?" Asks The Joker. He plays Let The Bodies Hit The Floor. CJ is dead and respawns at the hospital. He gets an anonymous call. "Hello?" Asks CJ. "Yes," replies the voice. "This is your friend speaking. If you want to see your girlfriend again, come to Pier 69." CJ stocks up on weapons and heads to Pier 69 in San Fierro with GSF back-up. When he gets there...


1. Nobody's there. The Joker was just lying.

2. He sees a lot of dead bodies, including T-Bone Mendez's corpse.

3. The Joker has Denise at gunpoint.

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"He heads off to the pier and when he gets there the joker killed every one there all the bodys are dead includeing t-bone mendez's body cj gets really really scared. then the gsf arive and look around surprised ey cj what happen here? one of the gsf members asked. the joker! What replied one of the gsf cj takes cover and dunks down. the joker is on the roof with a machine gun and

1.Cj asks where is denise.

2.Cj shoots the joker with his rocket lanucher.

3.Cj the cops come and stop the joker.


("Hey, is the joker from batman or some thing?")


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Cj the cops come and stop the joker. "Bye bye, Johnson," says The Joker, laughing maniacally as the cops take him away. "Wait!" Yells CJ after the cops. "I need to find out where ma girl is!" But, it was too late. The cops have already gone. CJ has no choice but to bust The Joker out of jail to get information out of him. CJ silently kills an SFPD officer and takes his uniform. When he gets to the SFPD HQ...


1. He goes in guns blaring.

2. He merely walks in because the other cops think he's a cop.

3. He hires some GSF homies to bust The Joker out of jail for him.


@Gta_Sailer: Yeah lol. I decided to add The Joker to SA's Chain Story. tounge.gif

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So we've gone superhero now, have we? Very well then.


CJ walks into SFPD with guns blazing. A big shootout ensues between CJ and the police, with CJ winning easily. Once all the officers are dead, he finds the Joker's cell, and see's that he's lying dead, apparently of a mysterious drug overdoes (get the reference?). However, there was a note on his body saying that "Denise is with Mary Jane." CJ's wondering, "Who's Mary Jane?" however he doesn't have much time as he has to get out of the station. After another shootout which he wins, he walks outside to see that he has no wanted level. He jacks an Infernus and drives to...


• Krypton a.k.a. summit of Mount Chilliad.

• Queens a.k.a. Palisades, San Fierro.

• Gotham a.k.a. Downtown Los Santos.

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"Cj then headed off to mount chilad" when he finally got there sweet was at the top laying down and so was a gsf homie cj ran over to the bodys laying down he looked at sweets face and it was not sweet. it was officer tenpenny whereing sweets cloth. This can't be right cj replied to him self so then he looks at the gsf members body but it was a gsf member he was very sad for a second and then

1Cj finds a tunnel in mount chilad to a crazy clown guarding it.

2.Cj finds a cave and enters it.

3.Cj jumps off the mountain and lucky hits a car witch two people are making out in.

4.A strange old man comes...

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CJ finds a tunnel near the summit of Mount Chilliad, with a crazy clown guarding it. Despite his craziness, the clown is very weak, and is easily beaten. CJ goes in, and finds nothing in there tunnel. However, the clown rises back from unconsciencenous, and closes off the tunnel, before exploding a bomb inside. CJ wakes up at Angel Pine medical centre in Angel Pine.


• He's going to go kick the clown's arse.

• He's going back to Los Santos.

• He's going to Las Venturas; cheap women will take his mind off of the clown.

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"Cj heads back to the summit of mount chilad to kill the clown again he reaches the summit of the mountain and he is very tired he find the clown and they get into a big fight the clown

has a huge rubber chain saw and cj has a camrea so cj takes a picture of the clown and the clown drops to the ground cj is freaked out and runs out of the tunnel. he closes the tunnel and walks around and he finds a parachute then cj also finds a 9mm so he picks them both up

cj wonders what he should do next so then cj

1.Jumps off the mountain with the parachute.

2.Jumps off and the parachute is just a back back with a bunch of candy in it

3.Cj shoots self.

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CJ then jumps off the mountain with the parachute. However, considering that the mountain is not a straight drop, he lands only half way down the mountain, near a small hut, with a yellow Sanchez and a brown Washington parked next to it. He takes the Sanchez and decides to go off-roading.


• He goes off the track, and falls into the river seperating Mount Chilliad and San Fierro.

• He ends up disrupting a downhill mountain bike race.

• He starts stunting around the mountain, and eventually jumps off the summit after a long run up.

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He ends up disrupting a downhill mountain bike race. "Oh shiiiiiit!" Yells CJ. Then, there's a chain reaction of bike collisions. Everybody gets badly hurt. CJ gets up and walks away while everybody else starts a huge fist fight with each other. CJ is bored so he takes out a flamethrower and burns them all to death. He collects all of their cash. A firetruck drives up the mountain, crushing CJ for a moment. CJ...


1. Gets up and rides back to San Fierro on his bike.

2. Is too badly hurt to get up so he phones an ambulance.

3. Takes out an RPG and blows the sh*t out of the firetruck.

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CJ gets up onto his bike and rides back to San Fierro. Once he gets back, some Rifa try to mug him for some cash. However, he pushes them all to the ground, and runs off. Then, he trips over a large stone on the footpath, and the Rifa kidnap him, by dragging him into a car.


• He wakes up in an Andromeda.

• He wakes up naked and tied to a bed, with a man about to perform some BDSM to him.

• In the back of the car... underwater.

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In the back of the car... underwater. His breathe is running out fast! He takes out a hammer that he finds in the car and smashes the window. He gets out and goes a few meters up to the surface. He takes a long breathe. CJ looks at his stats and it says that his lung capacity is full! "Well," says CJ. "I guess I got somethin' good outta it." He swims back to shore. He sees a car full of Rifa driving by, so he...


1. Jacks the car and drives to ambush the Rifa.

2. Takes out an RPG and blows the sh*t out of them!

3. Lets 'em go. He doesn't want to start any trouble with them right now.

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