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How do i mod veichles?


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I want to know how i can modify the veichles in GTA:SA and wich pograms i should use. I have just modified with others mods, but it seems funny and i want to modify on my own now sigh.gif . I got a program named Sketchup 5 (i read 1 forum to get that) registred and done but i cant save the files to a .dff format so i can replace the files in gta3.img confused.gif . I simply want to know how to do and wich program i should use to convert to .dff files and/or a program that i can save files in .dff format. It would be a great help biggrin.gif .
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You also will be needing some tuts, head over to the tutorial forums.

Wah! The big mean moderators won't let me rip models and post pirated software!
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