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The Life Like Ped Movement


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We know.


Check out the Factsheet topic, it's got all that info.




In a latest issue of an Australian Xbox 360 magazine it had some news about Euphoria and what has been integrated into Grand Theft Auto IV. This will add unique game moments into the game with the way that different characters and objects interact and move around Liberty City. Euphoria is a fully procedural animation package created by Natural Motion. The core technology is the Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS) system.


Variations in the terrain are met with realistic changes in the walking animation.


Unique game moments. Animations are created on the fly, so each player's experience will be unique. Gamers are no longer subjected to pre-recorded animations. Surroundings are more interactive (bullet holes from gunfire, environment reacting to explosions, etc).


Characters will react realistically to being hit with gunfire, cars, and melee weapons or fists. Pedestrian reactions are more true-to-life than in previous games.


Players will be able to push people out of the way, rather than "floating" past them as in older games.


Falling/thrown characters will react as in real life- They won't simply be limp, lifeless ragdolls.


Characters (and players?) will be able to hang on to helicopters and trucks, which will swing them around as the vehicle moves.


To find out a bit more of Euphoria, head over here to get a better idea of euphoria. Also a bit more information on the Xbox magazine article can be found here.
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