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Do You think any of these could feature in GTA IV?


Get to command your own gang and tell them to do jobs or go places


Customizable clothes


Eating at stores and restuarants


Girlfriends but better system than gta san andreas


Able to talk to people like x to talk and a list of things to say and if you have a good converation you


Maybe get something out of them like information or a new contact or if you intimadate them money or maybe there car keys


Better combat system basically the warriors fighting system


You can hold up stores and wear a balaclava and steal the cctv footage


Interrogation like either talk to the person or use violence


Bribe police


Buy propertys


Buy different houses when you earn money and buy things for inside of them


When you kill someone it staines your clothes with the blood and you have to wash them or change or you will be seen by police


Able to sleep at safehouse


Alternate endings like you ever you side with has different effects like either siding with the russians or the italians


You can buy ipods or mp3s and buy songs or cds and listen to them in your car or on your mp3 while doing a mission


When you get arrested you whake up in a cell and depending on your crime are let out or have to stay in but you can perswade or bribe the gaurds to let you out of your cell


When you die you wake up in hospital and have to sign out


Buy bars or clubs and name them


Customize cars


Customize weapons ei making your pistol gold plated and with your initals on the barrel and making the fire speed better and buying silencers fot it and lasers for the sight.


Talk to people on the street


Do drug deals


When you fight if you are punched you get bruises or cuts that stay for a cuple of days and if your shot or stabbed the injuries leave a mark but the marsk dont fanish


Watch tv


Able to gamble maybe in illegal gambling dens or in casions and maybe gamble on illegal boxing or fighting


Able to smoke and buy ciggarretes at shops


Do drugs you can buy joints or bags of cocaine and pills off drug dealers and either sell them or go home and empty the cocaine and cut it and sniff it wich makes the screen blurry and makes you run faster or you could light your spliff wich makes you take more bullets and feel more invincible or swallow some extc pills in a club which makes music louder and maybe makes your gun aiming sharper


Upload on music from uour ipod to play on you car stereo in gam


Sun snow and rain weather changes and in snow the perdestrians wear different clothes like scarfes and wooly hats and in the rain they have umbrellas and hoods up


When you kill someone the body dousnt dissapear (untill you leave that area) and blood goes around the body


Able to hide bodys and drag bodys


Different styles of kills it would say hold x and o to special kill and depending what ever wepon you have is diferent so if its a pistol a shot to the head close up if its a baseball bat you hit them in the stomach making them fall to there knees and you hit them in the head etc


Better and more clothes selection


Kids and animals


Wide range of gangs:

Italian Mafia (3 different groups)

Irish Mob

Russian Mafia

Japanese Yakuza

Chinese Triads

Columbian Cartel

Group of British Gangsters (cockneys)

Hispanic Street Gang (3 different types)

Black Street Gang (3 different types)

Hells Angel Type Biker Gang

Neo-Nazi White Skinhead Gang

Yardie Street Gang


When your reputation and notoriety gets higher people on the streets start to take notice of you and walk to talk to you more


You can do graffiti and it’s a new system you choose what colour can and with the analogue stick you can spray whatever you want so its not a premade tag that happens every time you use it so you could spray Niko runs these parts and do a skull at the end and depending on where you do these graffiti’s you will get a reaction, if a local Italian gangster sees this graffiti on his turf he will come after you.


If you do not sleep regularly or eat regularly it will take effect on your health and energy (ability to run for a period of time) and you will get bags under your eyes and look more physically tired.


If somebody cuts your face the scar will stay there for the rest of the game but will start to heal while time goes on.


You have a weapon armoury at your safe house say in cabinet or under your bed or in a padded box or in the trunk of your car so in the morning you could pick up a machete and a shotgun and place them in your trunk and they will remain there until you take them out. In your armoury you can have different types of knives pistols shotguns machine guns rifles Uzis machetes baseball bats hammers knuckle dusters crowbars shovels chainsaws whatever is available.


You can only hold say four weapons to make it more realistic and cannot carry weapons like sniper rifles or rocket launchers you would have to put them in your trunk but pistols would go in the front of your trousers knives in pockets shotguns under your jacket etc and when your equipped they will not just appear in your hands you will see Niko remove his pistol from his trousers cock it and point and the same with other weapons.


You can burry victims if need be say you have to do a hit on someone you could put there body in your trunk with a shovel dig a whole in a quiet place and throw the body in and cover the whole or maybe you kill a policeman and don’t want them to find the body you can out him in your trunk drive to the bridge or shore and throw him in the water.


You can plant bombs in rival businesses maybe pre arranged or in a suitcase which you go in and leave there.


Your crimes are reported in news paper and on the TV but you can intimidate or beat up news paper and TV crews so they don’t do anything about your crimes.


Invest into legitimate businesses and make money from them.


When your criminal empire gets bigger you get a weekly income from different businesses you run.


Each car your enter brings up a bar at the bottom left corner with petrol underneath it and the lower the bar the least you have and if you let it go to the bottom your car breaks down but you can fill up at the nearest gas/petrol station and then go off and drive.









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