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A letter from blackface


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This is what he sent to me after I posted in a thread he made, urging for him

to stop making threads. Most of his new threads have been locked.


" u a lonely ass no life nerd who all u do all day is sit up on da computer cuz u got no friends nd bitch n complain n annoy people shut the f*ck up foreal "


Stop making threads. And yes I do see the irony that this thread will be locked.

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And why post it in the GTA 4 forums where it has no relevance, just block him and move on.


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u still a lonely asss nerd who aint got no girl but yo hand

Yeah, G u da man DAWG! Get over the act, you are not fooling anyone.

I will say it again, stop making threads.


Oh and cudos on the "yo hand" bit. must have taken you a while. He's so cute biggrin.gif

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