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Help me!?


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when i load up SA:MP it works fine but when i try and connect to a server it will come up with the vinewood screenshot and just freeze!


it keeps saying game mode loading but i dont know why its taking so long, because i have no mods installed


can someone please help me, coz i miss drifting xD

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Have you downgraded your version of SA? If you got SA from a shop in the past 12ish months (after Hot Coffee) then it would be version2 which is unmoddable and does not work with SAMP. You need to find the SA downgrader to change your SA from version 2 to version 1.


A quick search on Google and you'll find it.



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Yeah, either you havn't downgraded your version or, your firewall/antivirus is blocking Samp.exe


please make sure both of them are not blocking it...



Simple Solution really...


and in somecases if you change your video card/driver you need to remove and re-download all applications needec to use SAMP, then re-install.

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I know you are probably trying to be helpful, but you've just bumped a lot of old topics [sCM]Lupus, this one is 11 days old and didn't really need a reply adding to it.

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