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Hi guys, i love the site's and check the GTA IV one every day (and a lot more on my iphone) this is a bit of a selfish post but i was wondering if you would be kind enough to make a GTA IV iphone button for the http://www.gta4.net/news/index.php site, as most sites are doing this now.


if you go here http://developer.apple.com/iphone/devcente...ingcontent.html apple tell you how to do it under

"Create a Web Clip Bookmark Icon"


Anyone else use the iphone for GTA IV updates??


PS. GTV NEWS: i noticed on the way into work that Zavvi (the old Virgin music stores) are offering a GTA IV card when you pre-order, each with different artwork on it. I dont think its new art work or even very good news but just so you all know.

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More fittingly, I used my PSP to access info here... and my PS3! BUT, however.... iPhone and GTA4 similarities have been discussed before, so a good thing you opted not to rehash that subject

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