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pleasing everyone


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well, i have been here long enough to see noobs come and go with multiple rehashed favorites topics. the way i see it you can eliminate this two ways.


1. use the announcements topic for ultimate polls for characters, gta games, areas of gta and so on. however this could very easily get overlooked by the n00bs.


2. just use a general gta discussion to pin the favorites topics. this would probably get noticed more and create less spam. mark it with official and youre good.


either way it would really reduce alot of the annoying spam.

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Nah, I don't see your say as relevant to much of anything, no offense.

none taken, it just seems to have worked on other forums, however not many sites have as many active members.

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Exactly. There are new faces here daily. There is an announcement section, but you'll find once

you've been around for a few years that most topics that seem redundant are the assholes who

see you post something in the relevant topic and try to make their own out of it.


Besides, banning sticks are like baseball bats here, and there's no shortage on balls wink.gif


PS: typo on first post, should've said "anything On GTAF, no offense" so I'm glad you didn't

take offense, as that detail missing actually made my post look trolly tounge.gif

LUCK FOR A BUCK!!!!! f*ck Yea!


GTAF's Most Annoying Unbanned Member.

user posted image

bai. -jllr

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yeah im laid back like that, on another note, what was the pgc, i dont feel like spamming even more and making another topic.

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At one point in the past we thought that there might be multiplayer online 'Gangs' when GTA3 came out for PC, but of course that never happened and so basically the forum just became a social thing where people would create a fictional storyline for a gang (or steal one from a film or something) and then other members would apply and join.

Each gang would have its own discussion topics in the PGC, which as it says below were both huge and full of a lot of pointless chat.


What was the PGC and why doesn’t it exist anymore?


Before the release of the GTAIV trailer, there was a very large and incredibly active part of the forum called the PGC where new gangs were created with the hopes of being made official. Because it was such a drain on network resources (topics reaching 1000 replies in days) and was acting more like an IRC channel, it was taken down and replaced with just that, an IRC Channel. #gta can be accessed via IRC Software or using the Java Applet supplied by GTANet here.


- Stolen from http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=276306&st=40 smile.gif

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thanks for the info, hmm maybe when 4 comes out it will make a big comeback, id rather stay freelance though, no grudges.

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