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Xbox 360 HDD

Deuce Deuce

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Just a quick question.


I bought the Xbox Arcade which didn't include a a hard-drive. I'm not too fussed about downloading demos and content, but as it nears to the release of games like GTA IV, I don't want to be disappointed when I first put GTA IV, for example, into my 360's disk drive. I heard somewhere that all companies were under a contract to make the games as if they were to be played on a Core version of the 360, and then add smaller loading times or whatever for those with a HDD.


If it isn't needed for basic gameplaying (all my games so far run fine on my 360, that said), then I won't bother. I'd just like to know now before I spend money on anything else (my income is way too low to be spending money here and there), or get one now to be on the safe side.


P.S. I would have posted this in the IVum, but I feel I'd get better a response here. Wonder why. sarcasm.gif

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You'd probably get a better response in the gaming forum ( http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showforum=36 ) but no worries.


I don't think there's any major reason to get a hard drive in regards to your situation. I know R* has gone on the record by stating that you will not need the Hard Drive to play GTA4. Loading times will only be cut down marginally, which would add up over time but probably nothing stunning.

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But of course, you won't get to download the extra content, whenever that is made available.

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Just go to gamestop and get a use one...they arnt expensive and in the long run, it will be worth it. I have never use a memory card once in my consoles history and I have uploaded a ton of albums to my 360's hard drive.


I know 60 dollars may seem pricy to some people for something used, but I am telling you, its a one time buy that will be totally worth it.

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I've just thought of something, I've been meaning to buy some xbox originals... you need a hard drive to play them. Guess I will get one after all, given that I'll want the DLC too (as Azazel mentioned).


Thanks for your input though.

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