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how do i create a clan


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I don't know about making a server.


The clan, however...all you have to do is convince people to join, come up with a name and wear a clan tag in game such as [AMF] or [Z].....and you can make a forum for your members if you wish.

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can you plz help me how do you create a clan and a server for VC:MP???

Dude, theres a signature limit of something like 150x400 pixels i think


BTW, like your gang!

New Account - Damien

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Hey you wont create a server?


Go Here

Download The VC:MP win server (if you take WINDOWS) or the linux (if you take LINUX).

Open The config.ini


; ------------------------------------------------------ ;  VC:MP Server Configuration File.;  ; ------------------------------------------------------ [GENERAL] ; -- Set ListenPort to the port this server will listen on. ; -- Set MaxPlayers to the maximum number of players allowed ; to connect to this server. MaxPlayers = 10ListenPort = 5192ServerName = "Enter You Server Name Here"; Map Type; -- 1 = Vice-City; -- 2 = Liberty-CityMap = 1; -- General password configuration. Set NeedPassword to True ; if the server requires a password to connect. NeedPassword = Password = ; -- IT'S MANDATORY THAT YOU SET THE ADMIN PASSWORD! ; THE SERVER WILL NOT START WITHOUT A VALID PASSWORD. AdminPassword = Enter Your Password Here; -- Port that the remote console server listens on.RconPort = 5315



For start your server open vcmp-svr.exe

Open VC:MP v0.3z and click "add server"

And Insert





To See Him


The End


For The Scripts Go Here

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