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Need help please


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I am at a point in the game where I only have two missions that I can do. Unfortunately, they are both very similar and I am having problems with both of them. They are "Life’s a Beach" and "Caesar Vialpendo" I made it past these missions the first time I played the game (my computer died and I lost my data) but that was back when the game first came out and I think my controller is worn out because some of the directions do not even register when I move my joy stick. So, since I am really just trying to get back to where I was before, its there a trainer or cheat or something to make these easier or just get me past them? Any help or advice will be appreciated.


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Sorry, I should have read first, didn't know that you guys did the "upload saved games"


Here is my saved game if anybody would just get me past these two missions. Like I said, I have beaten them before so it will not be spoiling anything.


Here is the link:





Oh, I am playing v. 1.01

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ill do it


OMG it happened again, i tried yesterday to do cesar for someone else it was really glitchy same thing happened today, so sorry but i cant do it.

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I'll do those.


Sorry, GTASnP won't load for me. Someone else will do it.


Looks like GTASnP is working again. So, I'll try again.


For: Ohoopee


Helper: girishb

Link: **Click Here**

Notes: Mission Passed!


Cesar had called. The Cesar mission is now unlocked.

Stored a PCJ-600 in the garage.


Enjoy!!! icon14.gif

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Thanks guys,


Everything seems to be in order.



The only problem is I am having a hard time getting my controller settings to stick.


But I will deal with that.



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