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GTA SA Crashes after loading screen

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I have just installed GTA.SA and works fine up to the loading screen it loads then goes black and crashes. I tried re installaing with no help. Is there something I did wrong? I'm running 2.0ghz, 2gb ram, 9600SE Radeon.

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Try deleting the [.set] file in My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files.


What is your OS? If vista, check out This topic.

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I dont have a .set file in my san andreas user files only a folder for USER TRACKS and GALLERY with nothing in each folder. I am running v1.0 and my OS is XP. It just loads and then crashes... I also tried to delete codecs which I heard can be a problem with no prevail. THIS SUXS!


I also found the .set file when I searched for it, for some reason it wasnt shown in the folder but when you search I found it, I deleted the file and still crashes on load up. I will now try to uninstall and reinstall AGAIN hoping this will work...

Edited by devilorgod

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Run the game in windows 98 compatibility mode

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smile.gif A quick reinstall cleared that problem right up, works like a charm now, fast too. I can run it at 1024 and widescreen too smile.gif


Now off to install SA-MP:)smile.gif

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Sometimes, the DVD drives mess up.

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Oscar B Timms

I unlocked the map after I done the mission to kill the witness. I went to cluckin bell the whole map froze than apparently I was out of the map. Than I backed out went back in it still was like that till I found an officer and arrested me the game went back to normal than my food bar went to zero so I went to burger shot than it done it again wtf if this keeps happening give me a refund or fix the f*cken game or give me my money back and go buy something useful other than this sh*tty game that’s in the trash bin

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