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I got some info from my cousin.


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Well my cousin is working on GTA 4 and I got him to tell me some stuff about the game no one nows about.


-Niko is being replaced by Hitler, so have fun playing as him!

-Underwater diving is back, and youll be able to find shipwrecks(including Titanic) and Atlantis!

-Every building in the game is destructable.

-The dildo is back.

-The chainsaw is back, and there is a mission where you have to pull a NYC chainsaw massacre.

-You can look at porn sites on the internet in GTA 4.

-Theres a nuclear missle silo in NYC, and you can break inside and fire the missles, causing a world-wide nuclear war, destroying the entire world, the game will end.

-There is a optional mission where you can assasinate the president.

-You can travel to Vice City and San Andreas.

-After every mission, 10 peds killed, or 2 cars jacked there in a 2 minute loading screen becuase the game is so detailed.

-All cops now carry mini-guns.

-Killing police officers was taken out becuase "It's not realistic".

-When you character dies the game is over and you must restart the game.

-At random times the city will be attacked by aliens, and there is a boss fight between Hitler(your character) and Crypto(from destroy all humans).

-New anal probe.

-New multiplayer mode called "Muslim Mode" where you and other people will get bombs attached to you on a timer(while you character yells ALALALALALA)and you must blow as many people up as possible, winner gets points.

-Planes are back, but you have to go threw a 10 hour flight school to make sure your capable of flying.

-When you reach 7 stars the NYPD will release Chuck Norris.

-When you reach 8 stars(If you somehow get past chuck norris, proven impossible without mods) the government will nuke NYC and you will instanly die.



Thats all ill try to get him to tell me some more stuff later.



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