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The Chase


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While doing the mission The Chase yesterday, I was using the BP (etc) Admiral from Guardian Angels. That is I parked it near the getaway car used ( the BF Injection ) by the two hoods.


Since I was in a BP vehicle, I would just drive right next to them, laughing at the guy shooting at me. I started to bang fenders with him, then the BF Injection flipped over, righted itself, then flipped again and stayed on it's roof. I thought I'd get a "Mission Failed" notice. But one of the two guys gets out and avoids getting wasted from the explosion, and now he's chasing me on foot!


He got close enough to get a door open, but didn't jack my Admiral. I wasn't going let him, just to see what would happen. I wanted to keep it! So I figured the only thing I could do was lead him to his destination on Prawn island. And that's what I did, and got the Mission Complete once I got him there. He didn't ever shoot at my car once he was on foot, so I guess he was the Thief Diaz wanted followed.

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thats different I would like to try that what system and version of vice city are you playing on

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Riding shotgun

I've done that before. But when I did it he jacked someone elses car and took off.

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