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i found more new screenshts from the german mag


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found more new screenshot from my knowledge in the german magazine that just came out. its got the interview wich i funny when u try n read it even tho u dnt undastand. ok go to google and type in (german magazine [name of magazine here] gta4) and i think in the second or third one down it has the new sreenshots. it will take a while to load and it fukin moves slow for some reason. if nybody can translate plz do. there has to be a frigin ze germans that play this game and come on this site that speak english aswell. . arrgh rockstar needs to do more work and let us have s/shots or another 5 minute trailer or just let d game come out now!.... watch how long these few months are gona take, its gona feel like 4ever.

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I declare this to be bullsh*t unless proven otherwise.

I second that...



LMFAO. Thanks dude.


Mods, please lock this topic though.




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