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GTA: SA Car Sounds


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Hey Guy's !!

look.. any1 can tell me any site for download some realistic car sounds for GTA SA ??


Thanks in Advance !



P.S- Sorry about my english !!

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www.gtainside.com has some sounds you just look at the right place and if you can't understand german then use translate.google.com gta-worldmods.planet-multiplayer.de has a sound category

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I downloaded nearly all of them, got saat working, did all the correct stuff ... but they are either bad quality or completely f*cked up. I mean ... an indoor dyno run from a 1200BHP turbocharged Viper doesn't sound at all like a regular Viper which is accellerating on a road. And cars that upshift at the redline don't fall back to near-tickover in the next gear. In the entire collection there, I found nothing worth keeping.


I just might re-install GTR2 , GTL, NFS Carbon and TDU and disable all but the engine sounds so I can record them and see if I can do better. Once I get the hang of it and find a good audio editor I probably can. Finding the time to do so might be a problem though.

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Sounds cool Supra4! Keep us updated.


I have another suggestion..If you go download a game called War Rock.. look in the audio game folders and they already have some pretty nice weapons sounds in .wav's

I think they could be nice in GTA: SA.

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