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Sig request

The Killa

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Name: No name.


Size: Lower the size of the head so it fits if needed. Maybe so it's possible to make the head a little higher res?


Theme: I would like this head in the middle of the sig. On the top left corner I would like it to say "o hay" and on the bottom right put "sup?" in the Pricedown font (same font of the GTA title's). Also would like to have it all transparent.


Resources: http://www.isarapix.com/pix5/1202185309.jpg


Colors: Same as image. Transparent


Additional info: Nothing else.

Edited by The Killa



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I dunno, that's a really crappy image..


user posted image

Yeah, it is pretty crappy. But regardless, this works for me. Looks just how I imagined it. cool.gif





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