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Video GIF Request =)


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I Love BUMPer Cars

Lame bump and after only a day. confused.gif


GTAForum's GFX talent doesn't have to complete every request.

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You've just broke one of them rules from Rules & Guidelines.



Double Posting


No double posting. If nobody wanted to do your request, don't double post to bump it back up.


Wait the ten days, maybe re-think what you want, or phrase it differently.



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I took a stab at it, but it's not a really good loop. Any other part you'd like?

1:09 - 1:12


Please =)


And If Possible Can You Slow It Down A Little?

user posted image
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  • 3 weeks later...
Deuce Deuce

A little late, I know.


user posted image


I agree with Otter in that it's not a very good loop, but there you go. smile.gif

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