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LCS PC edition


Recommended Posts

great mod

i have maked loadscreens bootscreens 2024x2024 pixels for the mod unpacked 32,2mb

the screens are great test it

and a icoin


I made one of them too. tounge.gif You should of re-sized it to 1024x1024 instead, that way the quality will be higher and not look stretched like yours currently do. Good work though, using the wallpaper from the official site is what I did too, shame there's only two character shots eh.

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write tutorial with all mod's ash_735

By all means the radio stations are NOT FIT for San Andreas just yet, they can't be used within the game just yet, this is just for the mod developers. As I've said previously, Someone with the ability to use SAAT needs to delete the old Radio Stations and use my files as a replacement for the stations, they then need to be saved and sent back to me for testing to make sure they are in the right order and play through completely, etc, THEN I'll upload them for the game, where all you'll have to do is replace the original files for it to work. smile.gif

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i have convorted the gta lcs offical intro here is the download link biggrin.gif

link deleted scrol down en download that what ash have maked a better one

i love that intro

Edited by gangstar007
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Could of at least made sure it was in synch tounge.gif It's -2200ms out and jitters in some places.


Edit: It's also too long, you've used the full theme and not the shorter intro theme, I've just ripped the intro version from the Disc and replaced your audio with it and it synchs up perfectly without having to adjust it. Might want to re-edit it.

Edited by Ash_735
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Here, I just converted them quickly, wasn't all that hard, http://www.sendspace.com/file/3txfl6


As usual, I support both mods so if the other team wants to use these videos then they have my permission too.

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here working audio ash_735 and drop it on sendspace

No one has got back to be with the finished files after the SAAT process so I don't have the final GTA SA replacement files, just the OGG converts from the PS2 version, which I've already uploaded on the previous page.

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Very nice that you are interested in modification)))


Hm, I have got better logo.mpg


link deleted


It is made by Zhooles from www.gtamaps.net a year ago...

And I use splash from original LCS with Sal,Vinchenzo,Ray and Toshiko.

But I like icon))


EDIT: I deleted this file because of YouTube didnt want to play sound normal.

I realise it:


Edited by bbobik
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Hey bbobik - I might get around to rigging your Tony model for you (instead of it being a character skin) - I've been kinda busy lately. However, I did manage to convert this from the PS2 model in the short spare time that I have. Interested?:


user posted image

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i maked 3 icoins these are great



and here my dvd cover

user posted image


and my atwork

user posted image

What's the point of a DVD cover for a mod? And why is there a picture of Claude in the LCS "artwork".

Yes, and it's also made in paint.

PAINT RULEZ!Ha,kidding Im gonna speak with the guy who makes the SA:LC to tel me how to make the hud!

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