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Getting New Files


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Ok, so heres the problem.

i recently tried adding a mod to my gta sa game.

it didnt work, and i forgot to back up the files so i deleted all my GTA folders and tried to unninstal it.

it wouldnt let me uninstal.

but thats not the problem really.

im thinking, if i can get a brand new GTA San Andreas folder (which contains models, data all that stuff) i could be able to play again.


is there anyway i can get a gta san andreas folder (vs 1.0) with all the data and everything unmodded, exactly the way it is when u install the game?


if so, please help me.

also if someone could send me one to, id be good.



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GTA.net is NOT a file sharing network.


Make those back-ups next time.


Just reinstall the game and the files will be replaced, unless you have download the game, which in that case its warez, and your screwed.

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i no its not.


and i cant reninstall it, its still instaled.

Its your problem, not ours. You messed up the game by not making backups.


Just uninstall the game, then reinstall and everything will be there


It doesn't pay to continue discussiing the matter, becasue the topic will be locked soon.

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Theres nothing we can do.


You tryed to mod the game and messed it up somehow. Now you want us to tell you how to fix it and if anybody is willing to send you the unmodded files.


As for the uninstall part well, sorry thats my fault I didn't see that.


This is the wrong place to ask about modding questions. You should take your problem to the modding forums.

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Modding questions belong in the modding forums!


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As said GTANET Isn't a file sharing network, but how you cannot uninstall, download Regcleaner, and using that you need to clean the registry. Then it should allow you to uninstall.


Or, if that doesn't work, try a system restore to when the game was working.

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