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People seeking bulk of the skin MOD


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( so are you saying something like; "This is a near complete version of my mod. Please comment on it."? If that's wrong....use a better translator/ learn the language, because this is an English forum)

if you don't understand this, look at the expressions on these emoticons: confused.gifangry.gifdozingoff.gif The pic of the pear basically says it all for this thread...

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Is what kind of with Yahoo! translator? Now could understand?


Welcome the presence I the vc server.

Server information

HostName: [China 0.3z] GTAÀ×öªº´·ËÕ½¶Ó-£Ú££Ù[gtacn.com.cn]


Players: 0 / 20

Ping: 7

Mode: ×é¶ÓÄ£½,QQȺ:31358998

Map: Vice-City

My server must find in the network server, because was dynamic IP.


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