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just need advice?


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I know im behind on the times, but i just started playing vc on my ps2. I'm stuck on the "fastest boat" mission. I see where the lever is inside the building, but even after ive killed everybody the door wont open to allow me inside the building to lower the boat. i dont know what to do,does any body have a clue?please? i keep getting sent to diffrent places on this web site,look guys i'm just trying to get a question answered.no big deal right?

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Tommy Dickfingers

That sounds very odd, maybe it's a glitch?

I have only ever played it on the PS2, and I have never had a problem.


You enter the boatyard, and the boat lock up building is on your left, you go up a bit further towards the boat, turn left and into the boat yard building and there should be a pink marker you walk into that triggers a short cut scene and lowers the boat.


There is no door really, so I don't see how you're struggling, unless, like I already said, it's a glitch.


You got a screenshot?

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Never heard of that glitch before-- the only one similar is on the mission "rubout" where you can't enter the mansion via the normal doors.


If the doors aren't open, then you probably can't kill the 3 guys inside to trigger the pink marker.


If the 3 guys are spawning inside, you can probably kill them with a mini gun as the barrel will stick through walls if you stand close enough.


If you can kill them, then youmight be able to trigger the boat lowering by walking outside the building along the wall on the south side-- you may get close enough to the marger to trigger it-- no guarantees.


To try and fix it.... try this...


Remove your memory card. Power down the console and restart it. Let the game start a new game for you. When you can control tommy. Pause, insert your memory card, and load your save-- if this doesn't work you may be screwed...


"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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