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The Vato Syndicate


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Chapter 1


Escobar International Airport, Vice City, 1995


A Cuban refugee, Miguel Velasco, got out of a plane. He just arrived in Vice City, from Havana, Cuba. He was looking to start a new life. The first thing he needed to do was find a job.


So, he took a taxi to the one place where he would be accepted: Little Havana. Back in Cuba, Miguel had a job as a cocaine distributor. He was small-time, so nobody even recognized him. Until one day, he lost control and killed a supplier. This got him into sh*t. So, he decided to flee Cuba, since he had a price on his head. Maybe in Vice City, he'll have better luck.


His cousin Rodrigo, who he never talked to since he was little, owned a little business in Vice City. Of course, it was a narcotics business. That was the only thing Miguel was good in. So, eventually he found him in an old warehouse.


"Hello, cousin," said Miguel. "Remember me?" Rodrigo took a good look at him and was shocked.


"Miguel?" Replied Rodrigo. "I haven't seen you for a long time! Come, sit." Miguel took a seat. "What is it that you want?"


"A job," answered Miguel. "You got any?"


"Well, I'll see," said Rodrigo. "Go over to the Vice City seaport and go get some contraband for me."


Miguel left and found a boathouse. He went looking around and found a mysterious man, waiting around.


"Hey!" Yelled Miguel. "Who the f*ck are you?" The man looked like a junkie. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses.


"Mr. Vercetti sends his regards," said the mysterious man. Then, he pulled out a MAC-10 and started shooting at Miguel. Luckily, he jumped into a nearby boat.


"sh*t," muttered Miguel. He started up the boat and made his escape. Suddenly, 2 boats full of these "Vercetti Gang members" started toward him. They started shooting at his boat. There was a ramp coming up and Miguel started toward it. He leapt and made it successfully on the other side. However, the other boats flipped over and exploded. Miguel was safe, for now. He called up Rodrigo.


"What the f*ck, man?!?" He yelled. "Why did you set me up?"


"My men tell me you're a threat to us," replied Rodrigo. "You don't deserve to live." He hung up. That was it. Miguel was threatened, wherever he went. He got a taxi and drove back to Escobar International. If Vice City wasn't the place for him, perhaps the West Coast will work...


To Be Continued...

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