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Is it true?


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I read in my psw mag that cj and 8-ball will have cameos in GTAIV, do you guys think it's true?

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Nope, sorry Rockstar confirmed there are no returning characters in GTA IV.

They did not at all. If you could read you would understand "virtually" means almost, not quite...


There is a distinct possibility for returning characters... albeit in a still unknown manner. They could be a main character or a small one and they could return in a small or big way... all of this is up in the air.


Rockstar's statement of "virtually no returning characters" (read as "not quite or almost no returning characters.") seems to indicate something just like a cameo appearance. As to the validity of the OP's theory I do not know, we could see anyone.


I dont expect a main protagonist to come back for a big role in IV, but the rhetoric R* used leads me to believe we'll see someone in a small role/cameo.


So please get over your overly assured pretentious self and try to get yourself a dictionary. You sound like an ass with your "Nope sorry" as if you speak from hallowed ground too holy for the mere peons around you.

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Marian Gaborik

I bet 8 ball was killed..Leaving his bomb shop to his half white brother cue ball...And that is where you get your bombs and stuff from now...It is still called 8 balls bomb shop however.



And do you not have any friends...


...this is his 11th banned account. Someone clearly has too much time on their hands.

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long as its tommy vercetti being that special someone everyone is looking for.

lol he'd be pretty old lol.gif

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