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Game doesnt start after menu


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i have a problem whereby the game doesnt start after i click "Play GTA: San Andreas" on the DVD menu....

the menu just disappears and the little "designed by demo shield" logo comes up and after that nothing happends...


the gta_sa.exe process does not show up in the process manager....


Does anyone have any idea about this?


help would be greatly appreciated smile.gif

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Please post your system specs that will help us idenitfy the problem.


Did you download the game off of the internet or did you buy it?

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hey...i downloaded it from a torrent...


i'm mounting it on a virtual drive that i created with Alcohol 120%


my system specs are:


Windows XP

1 Gig RAM

100 Gig Hard Drive

1.83 Dual Core Intel Processor


ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 128 MB graphics Card

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