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Grand Theft Auto IV Updated Impressions:


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we can go to those sites any time we want we don't need links to them


and by the way we already know about the updated impressions

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Why did I get the same page (1) with both links!? Funky. I only opted to read the kikizo (??) review due to it's more in depth feel, but it is nice to get another take on the same demo (I might be very late in saying this!) However, it adds some nice insight to the Kikizo review.



Some of the fundamental aspects have changed but not all, in keeping with GTAs' past.

I think the scale is more showcased with recent news and screenshots, more then anything else.


The missions seem to play in my head very similar to ones on the past, the same elements in play with the polish added, not saying that's a bad thing. Glad they touched on the PS3 version too

Sucks to wait so long for it, I might have finished playing it by now, had it come in Oct 07!!! bored.gifconfused.gif

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That was a nice read. So there ARE planes flying around LC, most likely not flyable though...and I haven't seen anything on this new "Police Database" yet. Looks interesting. sly.gif

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