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My father works at Rockstar Limited and is the graphic designer developer, on the game GTA IV and he has to job in improving the graphics basically, anywho, on monday 14th of january instead of going to school for educational reasons, i was given the choice of going with my father to have a look at GTA IV, and i experienced many features and devices, but my favourite feature has to be the gas cheat. This is where you fart (pass wind, pump, follow through or push methane between the crack of your bum/ass/arse cheeks) and gas everyone in the building, you make sure you dont inhale and died first because of the rules "who ever smelt it dealt it", citzens of the game will know it's you so, you have to buy a gas mask, from the local corner shop, this has to be used in one of the final missions, where before the mission you are fed a curry, from your friend (buddy, mate or chum) Prim Kumar, you have use this gas, to kill everyone in this building to reach the top and sniper, people in the gaints stadium. After this you gain $100,000, enough for a lifetime of currys!


WARNING! Over use of this cheat may result in running sh*ts and willy dribble.

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