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Sig request


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Hi guys. I gave it a go myself but im useless so i need your expertise. blush.gif


can you use the image in the sig ive got now. (exactly 500x150)


but could you add in the pricedown font in white and abit beaten up, the release date in the middle at the bottom of the pic and maybe maybe Eddie280 somwhere too. lol


Sorry if im abit vague. colgate.gif


Anyway thanks in advance. icon14.gif

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Name: If you want a name on your graphic, state it here. Whether it's your username or something different. On the other hand, if you don't want a name on it, also say so here.Size: Put the size of graphic wanted.Theme: Put an extended description of the theme you want. Including positions of anything and everything, and text that you want included.Resources: Post links to any logos, screenshots, or fonts you'd like.Colors: Color scheme you'd like.Additional info: Anything additional you want added/done.



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Ohh. That is much easier blush.gif


Name: Eddie280(my name)


Size: Sig Guidelines, so 150x500 or whatever way round it is.


Theme: Could i have the Picture ive got for my sig now please. With The release date in the middle but at the bottom and the Eddie280 in a smaller font size in the top left corner please.


Reasources: font is Pricedown. picture: user posted image click for bigishness


Colours: White writing,


If it is possible could the font look slightly worn and beaten up, if you know what i mean? colgate.gif


thanks guys icon14.gif

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