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Well, you guys know pretty much all past gta's(except III, I think?) have had a sports complex like the Hyman Memorial Stadium in Vice City( you get the point...so its seems inevitable that MSG will be GTAIV's sports/events complex...But then if it is in(Hopefully) i hope theres more realistic stuff going on, not some Dirt bike race or Car Smash..watever..

So my 2 questions:Do you think MADISON SQUARE GARDEN will be GTAIV's arena, and do you think there will be more realistic events?

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I definitley hope MSG will be in the game along with Yankee Stadium b/c I go there a lot to watch the Yankees and the Knicks play and I love those sporting venues. The best atmosphere in basketball along with the legendary history of MSG make it the best place to play in its sport, and the same goes for Yankee Stadium. They are world famous so they gotta be in there!

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