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More types of taxi and cop car


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I hate to ask questions which are probably stupid or noobish, but I can't figure out how the taxis and cop cars are being coded. Basically I would like to have more working types of taxi in San Andreas, and have the cops drive around in more cars. Fully functional of course, so you can do missions with them.


At first glance this would appear simple. Put a taxi model in any car's place and alter the coding so that the game recognizes that car's ID as a taxi.

That last bit is a bit difficult though, at least to me it is. I tried looking for both current taxi IDs in the main.scm, but found nothing there which defines which car is placed under that category. Same problem with the cop cars. Even looked into the part containing the taxi driver and vigilante sub-missions, but I didn't get much of a hint there either.


Normally I'd keep on searching in the main.scm, as that is the best way to learn something when you're new to coding. Learned how to create carspawns that way, and how to open up all islands from the start and boost CJ's stats as well. But with this one I'm stuck, and am even beginning to wonder if this isn't hardcoded. Any help would be appreciated, even if it's just a hint on what to look for or a simple ''It can't be done''. I prefer to make progress on my own, but I either missed something or my analyzing skill is letting me down here.


EDIT : I know there might be some confusion as to where this belongs. On one hand it's a vehicle topic, on the other hand it's about more than just vehicles and I somehow expect to find the solution in the mission scripts. Hence my decision to post it in mission coding.

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I'm afraid you're stuck. This is one of those hardcoded quirks, you would think that setting some flag on a vehicle would designate it as a taxi, but its not that simple, it is hardcoded much like the actors that drive those vehicles are. I found this to my cost.


In vehicles.ide, only entries numbered 420 and 438 will act and work as taxi's. In peds.ide, only entries 182, 206, 220, 234, 261 and 262 will drive those vehicles. Its the same deal with police vehicles/cops.

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That pretty much explains why I didn't find any references to this vehicle ''behaviour'' in the scripts. Thanks for sorting that out DeeZire.


Guess I'lll have to live with it then, unless someone figures out a way to crack this. I'm certainly not able to.

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