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To start i kindof knew that they would be a gun scroll (guns appearing outah nowhere) because its GTA...


but when i saw there was a duffel bag and all this stuff about car trunks i got my hopes up that maybe for a change all the big weapons would have to be carried in that manor!


Pistols/Knives/Uzi's could be kept in your pocket or jacket because there like neccessaries when you walking around... but i thort police would react and so would peds if you go these out in public!


Which is why i thort it would be awesome when you go to perticular missions you ring up jacob,... collect a gun and put it in ur trunk, after the mission you could leave it in ur trunk all the time, or at the safehouse... instead of having;






and all sorts just to appear outah nowhere, for those of you who like rampage gameplay could always just pack this stuf in ur trunk before a massacre but i always liked the idea of guns being a resource in the game rather then just something to expend! guns in all other GTA's were so frequent you nvr evver ever had to worry about amo!


I wanna be carrying my rocket launcher in my bag... hide behind a wall, get it out and fire... rather then just be like... BANG BANG BANG with an mp5 then sudenly pull out rocket launcher... blow up a car, then suddenlky bk to a chainsaw to chop some ppl near by sad.gif


Could we ahve a poll saying wether pppl like the scroll or not...


please dont flame but it acutally has made me pretty dissopointed cause i got hyped about the duffel bag and shiz!

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Oh ffs wat was the point in that... you may not think its a big deal but i just got hyped because of the TRUNKS and DUFFEL BAGS, but im just expressing my opionn and asking for urs...


i hate ppl who say GO PLAY A DIFFERENT GAME cause with or without the gunscroll feature GTAIV is still very very very much different to hitman u absolute cracka!

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Who says that you wont be able to store weapons in trunks or duffel bags? Just becasue we have the weapon scrolling method doesn't mean we cant store weapons.

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okay well to me it sounded like whining...


It would have been fun to have duffel bags to carry weapons at first, but after the 10th time it would get really annoying...


Also I would have loved to stick a body in the trunk...


Btw all this is not confirmed nor denied. It could still be that your able to put the guns in the bag if you want...

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but if you could scroll threw all your weapons and they were invisibly attatched to ur body (which is wat the kiziko preview seems to state) there would be no need to store them because ud have them permenantly stored on you


i wanted guns to be more expendable and a need to use jacob, because i remember in all the other games the shops became pointless after about 5 missions as your arsenal would be INSANELY massive and you wodlnt need to buy again!

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In one of the previews I think it talked about a 2 -3 second wait to change weapons so maybe you can use a duffel bag to store weapons.


Also, in the special edition you get a duffel bag, it might just be because its in the final mission or something or it might mean that we can store big weapons with it.


We'll just have to wait till 29th of April to find out.

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lol well thankx its just like i would want small weapons to be carried around of corse cause you need them... but big badass weapons ur not gunna need to kill a few random peds


(Although if you wanted to you could always just take one out with you and go rampage)


but if you wanna conceal a weapon and go to a job where theres gunna be MASS DESTRUCTION i would prefer you to be able to hide them, skid round ur car, run to the trunk and pull out ur M60 or w/e lol


just think itd have more of a feel if your big weapons felt more of an experience, cause in GTASA after u got a machine gun i nvr used my other guns again because that gun nvr ran out.... as ofc enimies kept droppin it further in the game!

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